Every Golden Vault Location in Warzone’s Rebirth Island Reinforced



Golden Vaults are hidden on the Warzone Rebirth Island. Three of them are found in the depths of the island, but cannot be opened just yet.

There are new Golden Vaults hidden around the island of Warzone Rebirth. Players can find their locations now but won’t be able to access them until later. The Resurgence map has been completely altered with Warzone Rebirth island, changing key locations and introducing new weapon balance changes. Now only that, but a handful of new challenges were given to players to try out all this new content. It’s possible for players to earn thousands of XP towards their Battle Pass by clearing out these missions. It’s common for the map to change in the middle of the season, and that’s likely what will happen to the Golden Vaults on the island.


There are three Golden Vaults hidden in Warzone Rebirth. They can be identified by their large yellow doors that make them stick out vastly from the gray backgrounds. These doors will be available to open in the future as part of an update, and the contents will then be revealed. These Golden Vaults likely won’t be moved to a different location once the update rolls out, making it useful for players to know their exact locations.

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The Golden Vaults in Warzone Rebirth are scheduled to open up during the Blood Money event. This playlist will activate on April 7th and will task players will collecting $40 trillion through the Blood Money game mode. This amount is shared between all the players in the community, and once it’s collected, all the Golden Vault doors will open. Of course, it ultimately depends on how long players take to reach this goal to unlock these doors. Although, the Call of Duty community is quite committed and will likely open these vaults within a few days.

Warzone Rebirth Golden Vault Door Locations

Warzone Rebirth Golden Vault Door Locations
  • Vault 1: Located on the northwest end of the island. It can be found under the shack between the Bioweapons Lab and the Docks.
  • Vault 2: Located under the Nova 6 Factory. It’s underground within the corridors of this building.
  • Vault 3: Located on the southwest end of the island. It can be found near the Stronghold POI.

What’s actually inside of the Golden Vaults is a mystery. If it’s anything like the other Warzone events of the past, it will likely be a location with tons of high-quality loot and armor. It might even be a location to grab Warzone‘s new Juggernaut Suit. It’s been incredibly dangerous in the metagame, providing players with extra HP and a minigun for damage. This weapon was also introduced as part of this update, but players will need to earn that $40 trillion to find out the truth.

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Warzone is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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