Flash Would Be Absolutely Destroyed by a Surprising MCU Hero


The Flash may be the fastest man alive in the DC Universe, but one particular hero from the MCU would be able to take him down surprisingly easy.

Warning: contains spoilers for Eternals #11!

DC’s Flash is widely known as the single fastest hero in the DC Universe, but a particular hero from the MCU would be able to take him down with relative ease. Barry Allen (and Wally West and the other speedsters who have inherited the Flash title) easily outpace most superheroes – each is, of course, capable of running at many times the speed of sound, and can even exceed the speed of light. Yet Eternals #11 proves that all the speed in the world wouldn’t save the Flash thanks to a very special anti-speedster weapon.

In a contest between the Flash and the prime speedster of the Marvel Universe, Quicksilver, even Marvel fans know there is no contest at all. Quicksilver can run up to 175 miles per hour, but compared to the Flash, that’s effectively standing still. The two have even fought in Marvel vs DC and the Flash easily defeated Magneto’s son. But the Marvel Universe has another speedster who is far faster than Quicksilver: Makkari of the Eternals. In the world of Marvel where speedsters are relatively rare compared to the DC Universe, one must create contingency plans for encountering one.


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So it goes that in Eternals #11, the Eternals Ajak – the leader of the group best known for her recent appearance in the MCU film Eternals – has created such a device that could stop the speedster Makkari in her tracks. The device generates a stasis field inside a large bubble of space. “Ajak made this as a trap for Makkari,” says the Machine through narrative captions. “It generates a pocket dimension to ensure her fellow priest could not escape when they fought.” This is a weapon designed specifically to incapacitate Makkari. But would Ajak’s device work on the Flash?

In Nightwing #91, Wally West and Dick Grayson team up to take down a common enemy, only for Wally to run headfirst into an invisible wall – a similar trap for a speedster. Flash may have super-speed, but he also has the headstrong persona of a speedster, and his leap-before-looking approach to problems led him straight into trouble. It’s logical to assume that Ajak’s anti-Makkari device could also be used as an anti-Flash device based solely on the events of Nightwing #91.

The Flash is known for having only one power, but this power makes him nigh-unbeatable in combat. His greatest enemies are either speedsters or foes who can combat Flash’s astonishing reflexes and speed (the hero can even perceive time at the attosecond level). Ajak falls into the latter category; with the Eternals’ anti-Makkari device, they can easily stop the Speed Force-powered Flash and defeat him as quickly as he defeats his regular opponents.

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