Green Screen Virtual Sets Required an Advanced Planning


The film industry has shown great progress in terms of stories and the overall quality of films. Undoubtedly, the role of the filmmaker and the crew (behind the scenes) has a significant contribution to making the film successful. However, it’s an injustice if you forget about the advanced tools used for making a movie. Today’s filmmakers are paying heed to the green screen virtual sets as they enable them to make the dream movies they always wanted. Below we will discuss green screens and what planning is required prior to establishing the right set for a shoot. 

What are Green Screens? 

Many of us are aware of this terminology -green screens. However, there are some people who hardly know about green screens. In simple terms, it’s a big screen that is of green color but is connected to modern technology. Onsets, one might have observed the green background behind the actors, i.e., a green screen. The screen allows the editor to put the virtual background behind it despite being there. In other words, actors don’t need to be in a particular location; a green screen enables any site to fit perfectly. Perhaps, there are many technicalities involved in it. 

Green Screens are Complicated: Adequate Planning is a Key

From a motion control camera to a green screen requires a complete set of planning in advance to ensure everything goes right. Using modern tools is not easy as it may seem; they are quite complicated and may have certain pitfalls. An experienced filmmaker knows that proper light is needed when using a green screen. So, there are many other factors, which need to be carefully considered. 

➤Attention to Lightning 

As discussed above, light has a huge connection with a green screen. So, your green screen virtual set HD must have enough lighting that leads to quality captures; otherwise, it may not look good on the big screens and the audience will not appreciate it. 

Things to follow:

  • Evenly light the green screen for experiencing quality in the films.
  • Use a matte box to restrict the unwanted light.
  • Ensure to create a separation between the subject and the green screen.

➤Requisite Camera Settings

Once the green screens are evenly lit, then it’s time to check out the camera. The camera setting is done to have the planned results. 

Things to do:

  • Raise the shutter speed to 1/80 or 1/100 to reduce the motion blur.
  • Be certain to set a camera to the best recording format that depends on the overall lighting of the set.  
  • Reset the aperture to f4 or f5.6 as it will lead to more depth of field, which will blur out a green screen.

Some Common Tips 

  • One may use green screens when shooting driving scenes. 
  • A green screen can be used when aiming to have VFX in the shot. 
  • Only go for a blue screen rather than green when there are natural green elements such as grass, trees, etc., in the shot.
  • When wanting some illusion on the background, a green screen is a perfect fit. 

These are some essential guidelines that you can follow and make the right use of a green screen. 


Originally posted 2021-12-22 12:01:34.


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