Harry Styles Sets the Standard for Summer Outfits


He’s sporting cords while winding through canals, his shoes are Vans but his mode of transportation is a ship, he’s wearing Bode on a boat…y. He is Harry Styles, dressed for a getaway in Venice, Italy—and his outfit is basically a checkered flag signaling the return of massive summertime fits to our newly vaccinated world.

Perhaps you’ve got a make-up birthday party, or a rescheduled bachelor weekend, or a reunion picnic. Whatever the case, consider Styles as the platonic ideal for every one of your summer 2021 outfits. Are you taking notes? The party starts with a custom Bode shirt made out of a children’s blanket and features a bucking bronco on its back. Yee freakin’ haw. He makes shorts look presentable by opting for corduroy, and makes aviator sunglasses look Top Gun-worthy The cherry on top is that he’s photographed disembarking from the ultimate summer accessory: a boat, that most unbothered and seasonal mode of transportation.

Harry Styles hops off a boat in Venice, ItalyBackgrid

And while he’s in Venice, Italy, his outfit carries a big whiff of Venice Beach, thanks to his pairing of Vans sneakers and a Gucci bag. Can you do-a the kick-a-flip? It’s also important that you burn this image of Styles’s sock height—a pet GQ interest—into your brain. These are much taller than the dreaded ankle socks that peek just barely out of a sneaker—but they also don’t crawl to almost knee height like many standard calf-length socks. I acknowledge we are in the weeds here, but nothing can be left to chance when it comes to creating the perfect summer outfit.

More than the outfit, we need to celebrate this moment: Harry Styles is out in the world reminding everyone that he can and will outdress everyone. And he’s doing it on vacation in a newly opened world. Which is the most important lesson to take from this outing: the best summer 2021 outfit is one you can wear outside, doing stuff.

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