How Genshin Impact’s Teyvat Interactive Map Changes With The Chasm


The Teyvat Interactive Map for Genshin Impact is a great way to track chests, quests, and more – and it’s now been updated with The Chasm.

The Chasm has finally arrived in Genshin Impact, and now the Teyvat Interactive Map has been updated too. Since the Genshin Impact 2.6 update is live, many players are exploring the Underground Mines and braving through the Oozing Concretions that make up parts of The Chasm. The Teyvat Interactive Map is a great way to track chests, items, quests, and more through HoYoverse’s official HoYoLAB client.

Because The Chasm has multiple levels to explore, it may be confusing to navigate and also remember where important collectibles like Lumenspar are. And as more levels are added in, navigation will only get trickier. This is where the Teyvat Interactive Map really shines because it makes keeping up with new discoveries much easier. Before its official launch, there were many interactive maps for Genshin Impact online that were created by fans. However, since the Teyvat Interactive Map is from HoYoverse, this is the one many players have chosen to use since its introduction last year.


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The Teyvat Interactive Map for Genshin Impact is updated fairly frequently, with major changes implemented whenever new nations or regions come out. It originally debuted with Mondstadt, Liyue, and Dragonspine but has added areas like Inazuma since then. The Chasm is the latest area to be added to the interactive map, and here are the changes users should be aware of.

Everything To Know About Genshin Impact’s Interactive Map Chasm Update

Genshin Impact shows off underground Chasm

The Chasm: Underground Mines can be selected from the drop-down menu of the Teyvat Interactive Map and the exterior is shown on the full map as well. The new update adds several notable and helpful points – users can see Lumenspar, Lumenlamps, chests, materials, puzzles, World Quests, and a lot more. The new Ruin Serpent boss in Genshin Impact is also marked on the map, so players will know exactly when and where they’ll encounter it. Of course, users can also add pins of their own if they wish. This is great for tracking locations that players may want to return to in-game.

In the year since the Teyvat Interactive Map was introduced, it’s proved to be an important ancillary feature to Genshin Impact, helping players progress through events and remember where in the game’s massive (and growing) open-world everything is located. As more players being to try out The Chasm, the Teyvat Interactive Map should prove to be increasingly helpful. More updates should arrive to the map as more levels of The Chasm are added.

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Source: HoYoLAB

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