How To Get A Public Profile On Snapchat & What You Need To Know


Any Snapchat user can create a Public Profile through the app, although there are some restrictions that might prohibit access to the feature.

While anyone can get a Public Profile on Snapchat, there are some minor restrictions that might stop someone from being able to create one. By opting for a Public Profile, Snapchat users open up the door to greater exposure and the opportunity to reach more users. Along with the option for other users to subscribe to the Snapchat account, users with Public Profiles can also post additional details to their profile — including a bio and description.

Public Profiles on Snapchat are not new, but their availability has changed over the years. While the feature was previously only available to celebrities and creators, that changed in late 2020 when Snapchat opened up the option for anyone to create their own Public Profile through the app. Snapchat still offers the option of a dedicated Creator Account, but eligibility is much stricter than for a simple Public Profile.


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Creating a Public Profile on Snapchat is fairly easy to do and can be completed in a few minutes. To begin, head to the ‘My Profile’ section by tapping on the account’s Bitmoji icon. Scroll down the page and tap ‘Create Public Profile’ under the ‘Public Profile’ section. Tapping the option will initiate the process of changing a profile to public, with the user then required to tap on a few on-screen prompts that explain what a Public Profile is and the changes involved (such as their name becoming visible with shared Snaps).

Why Snapchat Accounts Are Not Eligible For A Public Profile

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Generally speaking, any account should be able to create a Public profile. However, if the Create Public Profile option does not appear on someone’s profile page, it is likely that the account is currently not eligible. Two common reasons why this might be the case are the age of the account and/or the lack of an existing relationship with another Snapchat user. With age, a Snapchat account must be at least 24 hours old before it can be changed to a public account. As for friends, Snapchat requires an account to have at least one bi-directional friend. In other words, the account must have friended another user and that account must have friended back.

There are also some more general rules that could restrict access to the Public Profile option on Snapchat. For example, the feature is only available to users over the age of 18 and is not currently available in all countries. In addition, not following the Community Guidelines can also result in an account becoming ineligible for a Snapchat Public Profile. So long as someone is in line with these rules, creating a Public Profile on Snapchat is as easy as anything else on the app.

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