Interactive Moon Knight Episode 1 Easter Egg Honors Show’s Source Comic


Eagle-eyed MCU fans have spotted an interactive Moon Knight episode 1 Easter egg that honors the title character’s Marvel Comics origins.

An Easter egg hidden in Moon Knight episode 1 on Disney+ has been discovered that honors the show’s comic book origins. Moon Knight, a popular street-level superhero, has been a part of the Marvel Comics universe for nearly fifty years, having debuted in 1975 in Marvel’s Werewolf by Night issue 32. Marc Spector, a former special forces operative, wrestles with the combined complications of being the conduit of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu, and his dissociative identity disorder. The darkly violent but human hero has several distinct alters as well as the mystical abilities granted by Khonshu, which allow him to fight the forces of evil.


Moon Knight has now joined the ever-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe via his new Disney+ solo series. The show stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant; a clumsy British museum worker who discovers his sleep disorder is actually a result of the hidden identities of Spector and the Moon Knight within him. The new series debuted on the streaming platform earlier this week and was met with positive reviews, with audiences praising the show’s darker tone and fresh, cerebral look at the superhero stories. Eagle-eyed viewers have been analyzing the Moon Knight episode 1 since it released, eager to find any hidden tidbits and Easter eggs that are customary for the MCU. While the show has kept relatively standalone in terms of the wider universe, it has been no stranger to comics references so far.

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One newly discovered secret has been spotted and posted to Reddit by user Goalless. When Steven goes into work for the first time in the episode and converses with a visiting schoolgirl, the mild-mannered museum employee stands near an Egyptian sarcophagus. Next to the display is a QR code, which the usual viewer would assume is just part of the real-life museum’s interactive display. Committed Marvel fans, however, have discovered that the QR code does in fact work for home-viewers, leading to a free digital version of Moon Knight’s debut comics appearance. The Marvel Unlimited e-comics service gives visitors a free copy of Werewolf by Night #32 from August 1975. Check out the original post below:

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Moon Knight episode 1 has already got Marvel viewers hooked. Ethan Hawke’s villainous Arthur Harrow also debuted in the premiere, and his character has fans guessing; show producers have confirmed that the seemingly original character does have ties to the comics, prompting a lot of speculation about who he could be. The QR code Easter egg is not the only secret fans have been picking apart online. Some fans theorize that the London store called Atlantis, seen briefly during Steven’s journey to work, was intentionally inserted by Marvel as a reference to the hero Namor the Sub-Mariner.

The true extent of Moon Knight’s comic book links and MCU-connections remains to be seen. With several hours of action-packed drama still to come, this hidden E-comic might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Easter eggs. Some fans may wonder whether the hidden comic is more than just a throwback, but rather a more intentional hint at the character of Werewolf by Night, who is set for his own MCU debut via a Disney+ Halloween special. Perhaps the two are already set to cross paths by the time the finale airs.

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Moon Knight continues weekly on Wednesdays on Disney+.

Source: Reddit

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