Jujutsu Kaisen Strongest Sorcerer Has Everyone Fooled (Even Fans)



Megumi currently suspects that Tengen might be aligned with Kenjaku – and if Tengen is evil, that would change the face of Jujutsu Kaisen forever.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 173!

Megumi Fushiguro just presented the likelihood in Jujutsu Kaisen that the immortal jujutsu sorcerer Master Tengen could actually be in league with the villain Kenjaku who created the Culling death battle game. Nothing is really known about Kenjaku except that he’s been masquerading in the body of Suguro Geto sometime after Satoru Gojo killed him in 2017. Additionally, Yuji and his fellow jujutsu sorcerers only know about his intentions from Tengen.

In chapter 173 by mangaka Gege Akutami, Megumi asks his vanquished Culling game opponent Reggie Star about his connection to Tengen based on an earlier comment Reggie made about the game’s true purpose. That’s because Megumi was actually under the terrifying impression that Tengen could somehow be in league with Kenjaku. Although Reggie’s response regarding Tengen somehow puts Megumi’s mind at ease somewhat, just the mere possibility that Tengen could be evil has the capability of sending every jujutsu sorcerer to their knees.


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Tengen’s powers play a crucial role in the future survival of every jujutsu school as their barriers serve as the schools’ main source of protection. Tengen even augments the barrier techniques of each school’s auxiliary managers. The prospect that they could just be protecting these schools to further their own diabolical means is off-putting especially since they could easily cancel their barriers and stop strengthening the other techniques hiding each jujutsu school on a whim. Additionally, their power is already quite unstable. Tengen is supposed to merge with a special human every 500 years to reset their body or else they could evolve into a potentially dangerous state. The fact that they have had powerful jujutsu students protect their vessel from cults and organizations that have tried to further Tengen’s evolution to bring about some massive form of change further underscores the master’s destructive capability.

But even if Tengen is aligned with Kenjaku, why would they lie about the purpose of Kenjaku’s Culling game? Tengen originally told Yuji and his friends that Kenjaku was using the deathmatch to expedite human evolution so that all of humanity would merge with them. Telling Yuji the purpose of the game shouldn’t matter if he’s going to try and stop it from continuing anyway. That is, unless Yuji’s involvement in the game somehow works in Kenjaku’s favor. Right now, Yuji and Megumi are participating in the Culling game to add a rule that would allow unwilling participants to leave without the fatal repercussion. They also plan on freeing Gojo by finding a jujutsu sorcerer named Hana Kurusu who can extinguish the cursed technique that sealed him. So, if Tengen is in fact evil, then that means freeing those trapped in the Culling game and/or Gojo Satoru would somehow work in Tengen and Kenjaku’s favor.

Regardless, it’s a terrifying prospect that Master Tengen could somehow be aligned with Kenjaku who has worked with cursed spirits like Mahito. Tengen is the main line of defense for the jujutsu schools and is capable of becoming humanity’s greatest enemy should they be allowed to evolve in their next form. Although it’s unclear why Megumi distrusts Tengen, it’s unsettling that a genius like Megumi is unsure about them even though he’s now under the impression that it’s less likely. But what’s clear is that if Megumi’s suspicions are on point, then the future of Jujutsu Kaisen is about to change in a massive way.

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