Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios Office Has Cool Iron Man Memorabilia


Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has a couple of nifty pieces from Jon Favreau’s original Iron Man film that are displayed in his office.

Fans get a new look at Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios office, which features a couple pieces of Iron Man memorabilia. Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau kicked off the MCU in 2008 via the first Iron Man. That origin story served as the building blocks for the connected universe, which has only grown to incredible heights since then. It’s then no wonder that Feige has a soft spot for the sleeper superhero hit.

Marvel decided to start financing their own films in the mid-2000s so they could have total creative control over their projects instead of collaborating with other studios like Fox and Sony for properties such as X-Men and Spider-Man. The decision to kick off the MCU with Iron Man raised a lot of eyebrows. Many were quick to cast doubt on their plans because Tony Stark was deemed a B-lister in the comics with barely any recognition outside of print readers. But, Marvel Studios pushed forward; they brought in Favreau to helm the project and cast Downey in the role. Since then, the MCU has only gotten bigger with Phase 4 now in full swing.


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But no matter how big the MCU gets, Feige has a different level of appreciation for Iron Man and what it means to the MCU. Disney’s marketing head Asad Ayaz recently shared an image of Feige’s office, which has a display including a director’s chair with Feige’s name and an Infinity Saga hoodie. But most notable are the two pieces of Iron Man memorabilia, one of which is a mid-size Mark I figure. Check out the snap below:

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Feige previously said that after a decade, the biggest risk that Marvel Studios ever took was casting Downey as Iron Man, and it is difficult to argue with him in that regard. There were a lot of factors that contributed to Iron Man‘s success, but arguably the actor’s brilliant portrayal of Tony Stark was the biggest. Moving forward, it also emboldened Marvel Studios to take more risks in both their casting and storytelling. Looking back at it now, it’s difficult to imagine the MCU without its Phase 1 characters; Iron Man set the MCU down the path of choosing the best person for the job, regardless of their Hollywood background. The fact that the movie was also heavily improvised made its success so much sweeter.

Much has been said about how Marvel Studios began with Iron Man. There were a lot of things that could’ve gone wrong in that film; if they did, the MCU wouldn’t even be in existence now. If Iron Man flopped, it would’ve squashed Feige’s plans of building an interconnected superhero universe. To make matters worse, Marvel would’ve also lost the rights to all their remaining characters. So, understandably, even after roughly 14 years, it makes sense that Feige still has a soft spot for the flick.

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Source: Asad Ayaz/Twitter

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