League of Legends Mythic Essence Replaces Prestige Points & Gemstones


League of Legends has announced that its in-game currencies, Prestige Points and Gemstones, are being replaced by a new currency, Mythic Essence.

League of Legends has made the decision to do away with Gemstones and Prestige Points in favor of a new form of currency, Mythic Essence. This change was made in order to have certain prestigious League of Legends skins be a bit more accessible to players. It means that some previously-inaccessible skins will now be made available in the brand new Mythic Shop.

Gemstones were created along with the introduction of Hextech Crafting, a system that allowed players to earn and unlock skins, emotes, and other cosmetics by playing the game. In the Hextech Crafting system, players had a chance to earn Gemstones, which could be spent to buy Hextech Chests (in which players could find skin shards, emotes, and other unlockables. Alternatively, Gemstones could be saved and spent on one of several exclusive Hextech skins. Prestige Points, on the other hand, were not introduced until a few years after the Hextech Crafting system and were earnable through rarer Masterwork Chests (which could be bought with real-world money) or by spending real money on event passes. These Prestige Points could also be spent on the limited Prestige skins, which are exclusive versions of League of Legends skins. Now, however, this dichotomous system is going away.


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After originally announcing the decision to combine Gemstones and Prestige Points before the 2022 League of Legends season began, Riot has now announced in the latest League of Legends patch that these two forms of currency are being combined into one. The new currency, called Mythic Essence, will be earnable in the same ways one could earn either Gemstones or Prestige Points. Mythic Essence will not expire and can be spent in the new Mythic Shop, which will feature a rotating set of content that returns past Prestige skins and Hextech skins.

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Many League of Legends players are thrilled with the change, as these exclusive skins are no longer locked behind a paywall or needed the player to complete missions to earn enough Prestige Points for these skins. The change also makes the system of earning this exclusive content more straightforward. However, some players who took pride in the Prestige skins that they worked hard (or spent a lot of money) to get are upset that they now won’t be so rare.

Regardless of the change, League of Legends players will have some time to get used to the new Mythic Essence system and explore the new Mythic Shop. Players will also get a one-time gift of 10 Mythic Essence to celebrate the launch of the new system, with Gemstones automatically being converted to Mythic Essence. With several unvaulted Prestige skins in the current Mythic Shop (which will remain as is for the next six patches), League of Legends will allow its massive player base to sink their teeth into even more content.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

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