Love Is Blind 2: Are Nick & Danielle Still Together


Many fans swore Danielle and Nick would never get married, but not only did the Love is Blind season 2 couple tie the knot, they’re still together.

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl were a divisive couple on Love is Blind season 2 and many fans were shocked by the update they gave about their relationship on the reunion episode. The couple revealed that nearly a year later, they’re still together. It seems that Nick and Danielle in real life are far different than they were on the show and that their relationship has a good chance of working out.

In the pods, Danielle and Nick developed a fast connection and Nick was the first one of the men to pop the question. Though they were thrilled when they finally saw each other face-to-face, it wasn’t long before friction started to develop between them. During their trip to Mexico, Danielle skipped the couples’ cocktail party because she had a panic attack, and Nick was having a hard time understanding what Danielle needed from him. Their arguing didn’t end when they got back to Chicago, and it seemed the couple would never make it down the aisle. But in the finale, Nick and Danielle got married in a heartfelt (and sweaty) ceremony. Though they were one of the two couples to get married this season, many viewers still had doubts about Danielle and Nick’s relationship.


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On the reunion show, Nick and Danielle were very much together, and co-host Vanessa Lachey commented that the two even had coordinated outfits. Danielle remarked that the environment of the show was a “pressure cooker” and it caused them to get into many fights. “Once we actually got into the real life, a lot of the disagreements that we had ended up being nonexistent,” she said. Nick revealed that they have attended couple’s therapy together, which has helped them to “listen more, talk less.” Over Christmas, Nick’s uncle surprised Danielle with his great-grandmother’s wedding ring as a way of further welcoming her into the family. Though their relationship was rocky at first, on Instagram Danielle commented that her and Nick’s “similarities allow us to have so much fun, and our differences help us continuously grow as individuals and a couple.

The couple also discussed their life after getting married. Danielle moved into Nick’s apartment and their cohabitation has been far less tense than what viewers were expecting. Nick and Danielle’s dog and cat have established a respectful truce and are working on becoming friends. Danielle regularly beats Nick at Rock Band and Nick has even joined Danielle in dancing on tables. It was even revealed that Nick also has a secret costume collection to go along with Danielle’s. The couple has had to keep their relationship under wraps for nearly an entire year, and on Instagram Danielle told followers to expect “vacation, friends, family, and fun activity (possibly costume) updates that show everyone what we have been up to since our wedding day.

Though many fans are shocked, Nick and Danielle are still happily together, and it seems their time away from Love is Blind has done wonders for their relationship. The two appear to be stronger and more in love than ever, and as they near the end of their first year together, Danielle and Nick are a season 2 success story.

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Source: Danielle Ruhl/Instagram

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