Major Industrial Uses of Nitrogen


Do you know the naturally-occurring gas which makes up most of the air in the atmosphere? Out of all the gases in the environment, the most abundant one is nitrogen. It is stable, odourless, and colourless, with plenty of benefits. Hence, the inert properties of nitrogen make it appropriate for industrial use.

Industries have started making the best use of the abundantly available nitrogen cycle. This inert element is available in all organic matter and living organisms.

So, this article will tell you about some significant industries that utilise nitrogen in essential processes.

Uses of Nitrogen in Different Industries

One of the well-known uses of nitrogen is in the form of ammonia as a fertiliser. But, industries have started utilising it beyond the conventional uses and for diverse purposes.

Below are some industrial uses of nitrogen that are worth noting down.


Many do not know that nitrogen is a beautiful chemical blanketing agent in Australia. During severe fire accidents and explosions, a nitrogen blanket helps prevent the contact of the explosive with oxygen.

Many nitrogen cylinders are available in factories that use explosives and flammable gases or liquids in their processes. This process of blanketing reduces the oxygen level significantly and helps contain the fire.

Food packaging

This is known to everyone, but it is rarely discussed. Since it is an inert gas, it prevents any harmful reaction inside the packaged food.

The most common practice includes filling up nitrogen gas in chip packets to keep them crispy and prevent them from turning rancid. Here, the motive is to prevent oxygen from coming in contact with perishable food items like meat, fermented food, and processed snacks.

Another purpose of filling chip packets with nitrogen is to provide cushioning and save them from breakage.


Nitrogen compounds and their derivatives are useful in the manufacturing of many drugs. It is a significant component in synthesising drugs like essential antibiotics.

Similarly, nitrous oxide is a well-known anaesthetic agent synthesised from nitrogen. These are just a handful of processes where nitrogen gas plays a significant role.

Automobile Industry

One of the most common uses of nitrogen gas is tire inflation. Nitrogen gas tanks and generators are available for instant inflation installations at several gas stations.

This gas is advantageous because it retains the pressure inside the tires. It also maintains the texture and rigidity of the rubber tire compared to usual air. Therefore, the tire lasts for a longer time.

Beer manufacturing

In the fermentation industries of Australia, nitrogen can be a replacement for carbon dioxide or, in combination with it, to make smaller bubbles. Hence, the beer becomes easy to dispense. Furthermore, cans and bottles are also charged for packaging.

Laboratory use

To maintain a stable environment inside the laboratory and conduct experiments, nitrogen gas is needed. It reduces the oxygen level and keeps it at a stable concentration.

Hence, it also controls humidity and temperature, allowing susceptible procedures to be safe. The inert gas is also helpful for purging equipment.


Final verdict

Thus, it can be safely concluded that the use of nitrogen gas is not just limited to producing fertilisers. It has many more uses because of its unique properties and easy availability.

The steel industry is also one of the significant areas where nitrogen gas is very prominent. It is indeed omnipresent, naturally as well as technically.


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