Miley Cyrus Models New T-Shirt Merch on Her Dad’s Truck


Miley Cyrus is marketing her new merch collection with the same bold energy that filled her while nakedly swinging from *that* giant wrecking ball nearly eight years ago. The singer showed off a piece from her recently released Plastic Hearts clothing line — a pink muscle tee that reads “Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I Am Gay” alongside several phallic illustrations — while posing on the hood of her dad’s truck. She captioned a series of sexy Instagram snaps, “IDK what @billyraycyrus is gonna be more pissed about! Me making a shirt that says ‘I ❤️ Dick’ or crawling all over his truck in my @gucci heels!” In addition to the metallic Gucci sandals mentioned, Miley styled her oversize T-shirt with a vintage Gucci-logo belt and no pants, natch.

That isn’t the only NSFW item Miley has teased from her album-themed drop this week — on Wednesday, she slipped into an unreleased pair of “F*ck Miley Cyrus” sweatpants, a crop top, and white cowboy boots while singing about strutting her stuff on stage. We’re sure her best friend Lesley is thinking, “Oh, she’s just being Miley” right about now. If you’re interested in repping Miley’s new merch while striking a pose on your dad’s car (or, y’know, just chillin’ on your couch), you can browse our favorite picks ahead or visit her online shop for more.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
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