Minecraft Humpback Whale Statue Is A Sight To Behold


A Minecraft fan has made a stunning replica of a humpback whale in-game, faithfully recreating the creature’s immense size and majesty.

A Minecraft player built an in-game statue of a Humpback Whale that looks like it could swim away if it were returned to the ocean. Minecraft has retained a devoted player base in the ten years since its release through regular content updates released by Mojang Studios, new Minecraft mods developed by inspired players, and developments in how Minecraft is played and how the sandbox and tools it provides are used by its loyal fans.

Although Minecraft is technically a survival game, it is probably safe to say that the game is better known for the insane creations that its players create in the game than it is for its traditional survival gameplay. Many players still enjoy the gameplay involved in gathering resources, crafting equipment, and increasing their power until they are eventually ready to take on the Ender Dragon, but there are plenty of games that can fulfill similar fantasies to that. What sets Minecraft apart is the ability for the player to make just about anything they set their mind to. As the game has gotten older, the builds that players make have grown ever more complex and impressive even to such extremes as creating a Minecraft version of Zaun from Arcane and other insane builds.


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Today, Reddit user ReMarulk shared a screenshot of their amazing statue of a Humpback Whale they built in Minecraft. The screenshot shows the sculpture of the whale suspended in a pale blue field, probably the sky and not a body of water, based on its color. The statue is 464 blocks long, making it a massive construction that allows it fully capture the majesty of the animal.

The whale itself is magnificent in all respects, and demonstrates immense attention to detail. The spots of coloration on the whale’s underbelly, fin, and face would have required painstaking care, and the texturing across the whale’s body is also extremely impressive. It would have required no small amount of time to perfect. It is no secret that Minecraft players are capable of amazing feats, but the amount of time involved in crafting a piece like this is nothing to scoff at.

This is not the first beautiful animal sculpture to grace the Minecraft subreddit. Earlier this year a player shared their Minecraft build of an enormous red panda sculpture. The panda was impressive in many of the same respects as the whale, in terms of attention to detail in texture and coloration, and also included a branch upon which it was proudly posed. The creativity and artist talent of the Minecraft community never ceases to amaze, and more incredible builds are surely not far behind.

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Minecraft is available to play now on all platforms.

Source: ReMarulk/Reddit

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