Must Visit Events In Miami That Every Tourist Should Try In December


While the rest of the world is enjoying its white Christmas, Miami is known to march to the beat of different drums. Besides a certain set of traditions that locals follow, there are hundreds of other reasons to escape the freezing cold of the north and join Miami in the winter season. Holidays in Miami mean three things: party, marathon shopping, and live events in Miami today.

There are some reasons why December is a perfect time to be in Miami. Check out the most fun things to do in this part of the country. 

Witness best Christmas lights

NightGarden’s fanciful garden is about the most lit extravaganza you’ll see all season, even if it isn’t your standard Christmas light display. Twinkling presentations, technicolor mazes, scavenger hunts led by virtual fairies, a lovely snowfall experience, bright dandelion fields, and, of course, the notorious talking tree abound in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s psychedelic neon playground. Isn’t it exciting? Totally agree.

Attend live shows

The next amazing reason to be in Miami in the month of December is that it’s a perfect time to catch infinite live events in Miami today. Miami’s live events consist of comedy gigs, live music shows, art shows, etc. So, there is pretty much something for every type of person. You can have a fun time on weekends or even on the same day. Book your tickets online to reserve your seat for your favorite gig. 

Daycation at freehold Miami

If a spacious, fun lobby, excellent bar counter with beautiful people, and peppy coffee counters are your idea of a holiday, then you need to visit the freehold Miami. These things are pretty much what people love about hotels; that is what freehold Miami has to offer to the tourists. You can play all day long in this area. Also, this is a kind of place where you can take meetings and get your work done while chilling in a relaxed environment. There is a huge outdoor area that serves a full menu of drinks. Enjoy some cocktails with your friends in booths after your meetings are over. Oh, And remember, they don’t have rooms so, kindly plan your stay accordingly or go to your own bed. 

Checkout ogle street art

Have you ever been to an outdoor museum? No? Well, here is a chance to visit one. Ogle stress art is the city’s first and the only outdoor museum that displays street art. The place is tagged as an epicenter of the Wynwood Arts District and is a decade-old cultural institution. There is a roster for about 50 murals painted by renowned artists from around the world, like Kenny Scharf to Shepard Fairey and Kelsey Montague. All murals have a deep meaning and vibrant colors, the groundbreaking Walls have become the famous selfie capital of Miami, and chances are you will recognize these murals from the display pics of people in your Insta feed. This winter checkout ogle street art in Wynwood walls to enjoy the history of graffiti. 

These are a few fantastic things to do in Miami in December. 


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