Neil Gaiman Has Funny Reaction To Lucifer Being 2021’s Most Streamed Show


Writer Neil Gaiman has a funny reaction to Lucifer being 2021’s most-streamed show, coming ahead of fellow Netflix hit title Squid Game.

Writer Neil Gaiman has a funny reaction to Lucifer being 2021’s most-streamed show, coming ahead of fellow Netflix hit title Squid Game. The fantasy police procedural has its roots from the world of DC’s comic book series The Sandman, in which Gaiman’s version of the ruler of Hell was introduced before getting his own spin-off series. Lucifer centers on the titular character as he abandons his post as ruler of Hell and moves to Los Angeles, whee he opens his own nightclub and later becomes a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department in an effort to get closer to Detective Chloe Decker.


Tom Ellis led the cast of Lucifer as its protagonist alongside Lauren German as Chloe, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-An Brandt, Rachael Harris and Aimee Garcia. The show initially debuted to mixed reviews from critics on Fox and would run for three seasons on the network before being cancelled and subsequently saved by Netflix. Lucifer would live on with rave reviews and strong viewership for Netflix for three more seasons, with its recent airing of season 6 concluding the show.

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On the heels of the Nielsen streaming figures coming out, Gaiman took to Twitter to react to Lucifer being 2021’s most-streamed show. The writer’s funny reaction saw him thanking the One Million Moms organization for trying to campaign to ban the series before its debut in 2015 and how it benefitted the title in the long run. See what Gaiman said below:

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Gaiman initially responded to the One Million Moms’ campaign at the time of the petition by pointing out a similar campaign brought against his Sandman graphic novels for their inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters, namely that of trans female Wanda, which also similarly failed as the series would be a success for Vertigo. Lucifer also came out ahead of its censorship campaign, earning a season 2 renewal from Fox, though it would suffer lower ratings for the network that ultimately led to its cancellation. However, fans would still prove victorious with Netflix’s subsequent saving of the show for the remainder of its run.

Lucifer becoming 2021’s most-streamed show proved to be quite a surprise with the release of Nielsen’s numbers, namely as it came out ahead of fellow Netflix title Squid Game by bringing in over 18.3 billion minutes streamed in comparison to the latter’s 16.4 billion. Though some fans may be disappointed Ellis’ incarnation of the character isn’t returning for Netflix’s other Gaiman series, The Sandman, anticipation is still high for the long-awaited adaptation with Gwendoline Christie starring. While audiences await a premiere date announcement for The Sandman, they can catch up with the entirety of Lucifer now streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Neil Gaiman/Twitter

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