Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Renewal Petition Launched by Fans


Upset by the lack of renewal news for Our Flag Means Death season 2, fans start a letter-writing campaign to HBO Max to show their support.

Fans of Our Flag Means Death have been organizing letter-writing campaigns to help incentivize a season 2 renewal. Created by showrunner David Jenkins, Our Flag Means Death follows a patchwork crew of pirates brought together by Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) and Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby). The series has managed to round up an extremely passionate fanbase since it first premiered last month.

Our Flag Means Death’s popularity has only surged since its season 1 finale, becoming the most in-demand breakout series in the US, impressively overtaking Marvel’s Moon Knight series. The cast and crew have been interacting with fan art and comments, only encouraging the hype around this show. Despite this, HBO has left fans stumped as they give no word on if it will be getting another season. To show their support fans started petitioning for the show’s renewal on Twitter, keeping #RenewOurFlagMeansDeath trending for weeks.


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Some fans have decided to take a more direct course of action. @OFMDCrew on Twitter has organized a letter-writing campaign to contact Warner Media/HBO Max asking for Our Flag Means Death to be renewed for season 2. The campaign prompts fans to send postcards and letters inscribed with how much the series means to them. Our Flag Means Death puts a spotlight on several underrepresented identities, making it a refreshing watch for many of its viewers. This account has been sharing various guides on how to get involved in their project, check out one of their posts below:

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It seems like the cast and crew of Our Flag Means Death is just as in the dark about season 2 as fans are. Waititi recently admitted that he didn’t know anything about season 2, but is anxiously awaiting its renewal, and is eager to know what happens next. The devastating conclusion to Our Flag Means Death season 1 sets it up perfectly for season 2 after leaving several pressing questions unanswered. Jenkins gives fans some idea of what to expect in a potential season 2, suggesting that both Stede and Blackbeard will be trying to put themselves back together after their unfortunate separation.

Our Flag Means Death’s streaming success implied that the series was likely to have viewers reunited with their favorite pirates, but HBO needs to give the go-ahead before that happens. While it is strange that HBO still hasn’t renewed this wildly popular series, fans can rejoice knowing that it hasn’t been canceled yet either. Regardless, it seems like fans are not ready to let go of Our Flag Means Death without a fight.

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Source: OFMDCrew / Twitter

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