Pokémon GO’s Spring into Spring Event Adds Costumed Pokémon & Tapu Bulu


The upcoming Spring event for Pokémon GO has been officially announced, and it will add Pokémon in seasonal costumes and Tapu Bulu to the game.

The upcoming Spring event for Pokémon GO has been officially announced, and it will add Pokémon in seasonal costumes as well as Tapu Bulu to the game. Pokémon GO has recently drawn criticism for updates to Incense mechanics, but even in the face of this controversy, it continues to add new features to the game.

Pokémon GO‘s reputation has not been at its best in recent weeks. The original changes to Incense, implemented to facilitate at-home play in the face of COVID-19, also made the game much more accessible to those with disabilities. The reversion of those alterations, intended to return the game to its exercise-based origins, has drawn heavy criticism for effectively lowering accessibility. In addition to this, Niantic has also come under fire for halving Pokémon GO‘s Community Days from six hours (another response to COVID) back to the original three. Despite the negativity, game director Michael Steranka has remained firm on the situation, emphasizing Pokémon GO‘s goals of promoting fitness and socialization in a recent interview.


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But in more positive news, fans will be happy to learn that Pokémon GO‘s Spring event, Spring into Spring, has now been officially announced by Niantic on Pokémon GO Live. Spring into Spring will run from 10am on April 12 to 8pm on April 18 local time. The event will include the debut of three wild Pokémon wearing seasonal flower crown costumes; Togetic, Togekiss and Lopunny will join a lineup of similarly-attired Pokemon which already includes Pikachu and Buneary. Also making its Pokémon GO debut is the Alolan legendary Tapu Bulu, which is to be made available in five-star raids. This follows the inclusion of fellow guardian deity Tapu Lele in the Lush Jungle event.

Also beginning on April 12, players will be able to complete Special Research lines which relate to the various islands of the Alola region. These lines will be available to collect until the end of the spring season on June 1. Updates for Pokémon GO have been heavily focused on the addition of Alola-based content over the last few months. This includes the previous introduction of the generation 7 starters as wild Pokémon, as well as other early-game Pokémon like Pipipek and Yungoos. The trend is also set to continue for some time to come, beginning with the introduction of Stufful in the April Community Day, which is scheduled for April 23.

Despite Pokémon GO‘s recent troubles with its fanbase, the new Spring event seems likely to prove popular with fans. The introduction of a new legendary is always worth some fanfare, and the limited time availability of flower crown-wearing Pokémon is similarly sure to attract a number of interested trainers. Pokémon GO is well known for its frequent free updates and events, many of which add new content and Pokémon to the game. The next few major events, including Spring into Spring, are likely to be particularly exciting for fans in the lead up to this summer’s Pokémon GO Fest 2022, which will feature both global and in-person participation.

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