Real Questions Every Adult Will Have About Invisalign Treatment


What makes every person feel confident is just a matter of every individual’s preference. It is their physical fitness for some, while for others, it is leveling up in their career. Few people like to invest in a better grooming regimen. If this is the case, you may want to start with your smile which can be affordable with Invisalign in Edmonton.

Most adults fall into one of two categories: either you had braces as a youngster but didn’t use your retainer after that (guilty), causing your teeth to move unavoidably and tragically, or you never had braces as a kid but are now able and ready to fix it.

You’d have a hard time committing to braces as an adult. On the other hand, Invisalign treatment is an enticing alternative. Here is a list of some of the frequently asked questions that your  Invisalign dentist can answer.

Do You Require Attachments?

Some movements would be impossible to do without those attachments. For example, if we need to rotate a tooth, attachments help us be more efficient and limit the absence of movement so that the forecast is as accurate as possible. Attachments greatly influence the quality of your treatment outcome. 

Will Brushing My Teeth Five Times A Day Cause My Enamel To Deteriorate?

It won’t damage your enamel unless you’re using an extremely hard toothbrush or applying excessive pressure. When massaging your teeth and gums, you want to be thorough but gentle. Over-brushing the gums and creating recession, which means the gum area that typically covers the root of your teeth is receding, is a larger danger than eroding the enamel. Overall, you should brush your teeth often in order to maintain proper oral hygiene and keep your teeth and aligners clean.

Is There a Risk of Invisalign Treatment Worsening or Exacerbating Any Pre-Existing Conditions?

When a patient has a pre-existing TMJ problem [jaw joint dysfunction that causes discomfort], dentists usually refer them to a specialist to have it identified and treated before they come in. So believe us when we say there is no link between Invisalign treatment and the worsening of TMJ symptoms, but who wants to be the test case?

People who wear night guards for chronic pain and grinding their teeth are in the same boat. Invisalign treatment  may not be acceptable if you have a badly rotated tooth since there isn’t enough visible surface area, and the aligner may not be able to grab the tooth and achieve the desired position. In that instance, regular braces may be required for a few months afterward. However, the number of such occurrences has dramatically dropped.

What Do Clients Say Is the Most Difficult Part of Treatment?

Many people have a lisp when they initially put them in. It might take a few hours for individuals to become acclimated to them, or it can take a few days or weeks. The other disadvantage is that it might irritate your mouth. At the start of each new aligner, you may need to consume softer foods. People who are prone to active ulcers may develop canker sores due to the aligners scratching the inside of their cheeks.

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