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17-year-old Sami Sheen is showing off her brand new tattoos in a recent Instagram, proudly posting where she got her new ink.

New ink! Sami Sheen just got some new tattoos and she proudly shared the new designs with the world on her Instagram on Monday. Sami, the 17-year-old daughter of Charlie Sheen, 56, and Denise Richards, 50, posted a series of seven black-and-white photos to her page, which included several shots of the tattoo artist inking up her body For the tatts, Sami got a quote saying, “Je suis de l’art” (“I am art” in French) on the nape of her neck, “BLAME IT ON THE BLACK STAR” (Radiohead lyrics) on the inside of her arm, a rose and “11:11” on her wrist, plus a cow face and a cupid on the insie of her arm.

Sami’s series of tattoo snapshots comes after a Los Angeles judge ruled on Oct. 4 that Charlie no longer has to pay child support to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Denise for their two daugthers, Sami and Lola, 16. The ruling was a major win for the Two and a Half Men actor, and, as we previously reported, he does love enjoying the special bond he has with his daughters. “Charlie loves all of his children very much,” HollywoodLife‘s source said. “He’s a total girl dad and has a super soft spot for his daughters.”

Denise Richards, Lola Sheen, Sami Sheen
Denise Richards with daughters Lola and Sami Sheen. (ERIC CHARBONNEAU/SHUTTERSTOCK).

The source went on to say that Charlie has always been a very “hands-on dad” despite having — at times — a difficult relationship with Denise. “As the girls were growing up, Charlie always did his best to clear his schedule to attend their activities like their horse shows and school meetings. They’ve always been really sweet, smart girls and he’s wanted to show them off.”

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