Scream Creator Reveals How Stu Can Return Despite Confirming His Death


Scream creator Kevin Williamson reveals how Matthew Lillard’s Stu could return in a sequel, despite previously confirming the character’s death.

Despite previously confirming the character’s death, Scream creator Kevin Williamson reveals how Matthew Lillard’s Stu could return. Lillard starred in the original slasher movie as one of the central group of teens who is ultimately revealed to be one of the killers targeting Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, partnered with her boyfriend, Skeet Ulrich’s Billy Loomis. The big finale saw Sidney get the upper hand on both Stu and Billy, dropping a TV on the former’s head and electrocuting him to death, though that hasn’t stopped franchise fans from hoping for his return.

In honor of the next film in the beloved slasher franchise, Scream‘s Kevin Williamson caught up with Entertainment Tonight to discuss Scream 6. When asked about the sought-after return of Stu Macher, the creator noted that, despite previously confirming the character’s death, Lillard’s original killer could find his way back to the fold with one fan theory. See what Williamson said below:

I mean, I would say never, but I have always been wrong when I do. There’s always that twin brother theory.

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It’s Too Late To Bring Stu Back To Scream

Matthew Lillard as Stu in Scream

In the years since his death in the original movie, theories have swirled for how Stu could return to the Scream franchise, with plans at one point for Scream 3 to even have Lillard be the threequel’s killer and orchestrating a new string of Ghostface killings from prison to target Sidney. The marketing for Scream 6 has reinvigorated these theories with one poster in particular featuring the character’s name highlighted on a subway map, piquing curiosity about his potentially being one of the sequel’s killers.

Despite the desire for him to come back, however, the general consensus is that it’s too late for Stu to return to Scream. The most recent installment, 2022’s Scream, did feature the return of Ulrich’s Billy in spectral form, giving killer advice to Melissa Barrera’s Sam, revealed to be his long-lost daughter. While it’s unclear whether this ghostly figure will appear again in Scream 6, Billy largely already served his purpose in the sequel, which also closed the door for Stu’s return with the death of Kyle Gallner’s Vince Schneider.

Introduced as a red herring in 2022’s Scream, Vince later became the new Ghostface’s first kill and was revealed to be the nephew of Stu with a passing reference made to Stu’s sister, Leslie. If having wanted to take a similar route as Billy’s return, there now appears to be no real family for Stu to give ghostly advice to, and the twin brother theory Williamson mentions would risk alienating audiences in the same vein as Scream 3‘s Roman twist. The wait to find out if Stu returns in Scream 6 is nearly over as the film hits theaters on Friday.

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