Shaolin Cowboy Homeschools During a Pandemic In Geof Darrow’s New Series


Shaolin Cowboy is back in an all-new series from Geof Darrow as fans have never seen him before as the action hero homeschools during a pandemic

As Dark Horse Comics returns fans to the world of Shaolin Cowboy, the titular hero will be homeschooling a child during a pandemic in Geof Darrow’s new series. While the last issue of the original Shaolin Cowboy series was released in 2007 with the series’ seventh issue, the book has continued since then with a number of crossover books and offshoot storylines with one example being The Shaolin Cowboy: Shemp Buffet in which the hero fights a horde of zombies from The Walking Dead. Now, the Shaolin Cowboy is back in action as fans have never seen him before, as the world’s most brutal teacher. 


Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin will be helmed by the award-winning creator, writer, and artist of the original series Geof Darrow as well as the Eisner-award-winning colorist Dave Stewart. The new book will be a seven-part limited series with a number of renowned comic book artists using their creative talents to provide variant covers for every issue of the series. The variant covers for the first issue will be done by Mike Mignola and Alice Darrow with Frank Quitely and Ed Piskor doing the artwork for the second issue’s variants. The third issue will have variants from Stan Sakai and Steve Skroce and the fourth issue will have variants from Duncan Fegredo and Jim Rugg. The final three issues will have variants done by Katsuya Terada, James Harren, and Tsui Hark. 

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In a release by Dark Horse Comics announcing the new series, fans are given a sneak peek into the continuation of the epic world of the Shaolin Cowboy. This new installment has been self-identified as Phase Four of the SCU (Shaolin Cowboy Universe), where the Shaolin Cowboy puts his parenting skills to the test when he is forced to homeschool during a pandemic. However, this pandemic isn’t caused by a deadly virus but by an incredible influx of ultra-violence in a story that is described as being, “torn from yesterday’s viral twitter feeds”. These plot points are assured jabs at the sociological landscape of the world today that will be told the way only the Shaolin Cowboy can tell it. 

Geof Darrow has been described as one of the most influential cartoonists working today, and Darrow’s partner-in-comics behind this latest chapter in the Shaolin Cowboy saga, Dave Stewart, is just as revered. Stewart’s designs have transcended the comic book medium and have influenced big-budget films including Speed Racer and The Matrix. In fact, Stewarts’ work on The Matrix isn’t the Shaolin Cowboy’s only tie to the Wachowskis. The Wachowski siblings became famous after bringing The Matrix saga to fans all over the world, and they even lent their creative talents to the original run of Shaolin Cowboy. The Wachowskis wrote the opening dialogue for the original series, being the only other writers credited on that series beyond the mastermind behind the whole comic, Geof Darrow. 

For years, the creative team of Geoff Darrow and Dave Stewart has brought the epic world of the Shaolin Cowboy to life from the original series to the crazy crossovers that were to follow. Now, a whole new story is about to hit the shelves and fans of the butt-kicking action hero will assuredly not be disappointed. Dark Horse Comics’ new comic Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin #1 will be available May 18, 2022.

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Source: Dark Horse Comics

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