What are the Side Effects of Calculus Bridge?


Repetitive ignorance in brushing the teeth after each meal results in a sticky yellowish coating on the teeth. This initially formed yellow coating is called plaque. If one continuously ignores care for his teeth, this yellow coating keeps on being thick day by day. If it’s not removed through brush or flossing, it will be hardened resulting in tartar teeth or calculus. If not properly looked after and cured, the calculus may further damage other teeth and teeth gums. 

The calculus may affect the other teeth too and may result in their yellowish forming a calculus bridge. It has many side effects. Let’s explore what damages calculus bridges may cause to the health of teeth or the overall health of the body. 

Side Effects of Calculus Bridge

The health of teeth is key to the overall health of the body. If teeth suffer, the overall body will also suffer. Here are the possible side effects that this hardened plaque can cause. 

1- Halitosis Issue 

If not properly cured, the calculus may result in bad-smelling breath. This not only causes disturbance for oneself but for others too. This situation is regarded as halitosis. 

2- Periodontitis

When one keeps ignoring his or her tooth health, it may also start to damage the gums. Gums may start turning red and inflamed. It may also result in bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth. This is a very critical situation that may result in severe gum disease called periodontitis. 

3- Gum Receding Issue

This is also a periodontal issue that may result in the receding of gums. When this happens, it exposes more teeth which makes them vulnerable to bacterial attack. When the gum will recede due to the calculus bridge, the gap between teeth and gum will also increase. In such a situation, bacteria may creep between the teeth and the gum resulting in different dental and gum issues.

4- Development of Cavities

Any disease left uncured may result in severe damage. The same is in the case of the calculus bridge. The plaque of calculus will cause tiny holes in the teeth. These holes, when exposed to bacteria and acids, will increase. Hence, the teeth will start decaying due to holes. This will make teeth cavities that are very dangerous for the health of teeth. 

5- Falling Teeth

When the calculus bridge is left untreated, it will continue damaging the teeth and teeth gum in different ways. Eventually, it will result in tooth falls. This is a permanent loss of teeth due to negligence. 

How to Prevent Calculus Bridge?

If one doesn’t care for his teeth, he may suffer from a calculus bridge which has many side effects, as mentioned above. So, it’s necessary to follow some tips to prevent this dental issue. Here are some measurements that may help prevent the plaque issue. 

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day and keep on brushing for at least 2 minutes. 
  • Clean the debris that sticks in between the teeth. This is called interdental cleaning. 
  • If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms, instantly give up the usage of sugary juices and soft drinks. 
  • Avoid alcohol or any other drug consumption during such conditions. 
  • In case you don’t see any improvement, see your dentist. He will use his professional wisdom to cure your dental issue. 


Tooth health is key to overall body health. If your teeth suffer, your body will suffer. So, it’s necessary to look after your teeth properly. The calculus bridge is one of the major issues of teeth that result in many other issues too, as discussed above. So, follow the above-mentioned preventive measurements to prevent all kinds of dental issues. If you consider that your teeth have undergone much damage, it’s necessary to see a dentist timely. 

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