Signs That Clayton Echard’s Season Won’t End Well


The Bachelor star Clayton Echard heads to the fantasy suites this week and he’s close to an engagement. However, there are signs of trouble.

Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor is nearing its end, but there are a lot of signs that indicate he may wind up with a broken heart. All that stands between Clayton and an engagement are the pivotal fantasy suite dates, and previews for the last episodes of the season tease major drama. Based on what Clayton has revealed about his season, he may not get the happy ending that he was hoping for.

After eliminating elementary school teacher Serene Russell after hometowns week, Clayton is down to his final three women, who are Gabby Windey, Susie Evans, and Rachel Recchia. This week, Clayton will have a date with each of them and get the opportunity to spend the night away from the cameras in the fantasy suite. At this point, Clayton has developed strong connections with each of them, and he has some difficult decisions to make.


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Some information that Clayton from The Bachelor has revealed during interviews and teasers for the show indicates that his journey ends badly. His infamous upcoming “I’m so broken” line seems to suggest hardship or heartbreak. Clayton has also expressed concern about being judged for his potentially controversial decisions in the fantasy suites. As well, he’s discussed his regrets about agreeing to become a star of The Bachelor. This season’s show teasers reveal that Clayton fell in love with three women this season and was intimate with two. Although he specifically said, “I did find love,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a lasting love.

Clayton Echard

It’s clear that Clayton definitely did fall in love this season, but his heart may have been a little too open. Falling in love with multiple women doesn’t usually end well on The Bachelor, because it can be hard to start a relationship knowing your partner was in love with someone else too. Former The Bachelor lead Ben Higgins did it, and his decision to say “I love you” to his final two women was a dark cloud that hung over his short engagement to Lauren Bushnell. Clayton’s choices may have driven all three of his final women away, and it’s possible he could have left his season a single man.

Though the decks are stacked in Clayton’s favor, there’s never any guarantee that The Bachelor leads will find love. Clayton could walk away from his time on the show with nothing but heartbreak, and given all the hints about this being the most dramatic ending ever, it’s a distinct possibility. Most leads’ relationships don’t work out in the long run, and Clayton from The Bachelor may end up alone, with no one who wants to accept his final rose.

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