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It’s no surprise that silk pillow covers are becoming increasingly popular because of their softness, smoothness and numerous skin and hair benefits. You should think about it before you go out and get yourself one. Before buying these silk pillowcases, here are some things to think about and questions to ask yourself.


Occasionally, more is better.

To determine silk’s value, momme (pronounced “moe-mee”) is used rather than thread count, which is a standard used for most other materials. A higher momme indicates higher quality silk and a longer lifespan in terms of silk thickness and weight. There are many silk pillows on the market, but those manufactured of 25 momme silk are the best. Be wary of buying silk covers that don’t specify the momme.


Infinitely Pure

Silk covers manufactured from 100% fine Mulberry silk are the best type to buy in order to assure yourself that you’ll reap all of the benefits of silk’s natural characteristics. A closer look reveals that several commercially available “silk” goods are actually silk-blends. There are many soft and smooth fabrics on the market, but they don’t have the features that make silk desirable. This happens when using materials like cotton, bamboo, or eucalyptus (or, at worst, a synthetic substance like satin) instead of Mulberry silk. Even though a silk mix contains silk, it may be in such low concentrations that none of the health advantages of silk is present.


To get the most out of your investment, you should

Look for silk pillowcases that have silk on both sides when comparing different silk covers. It’s possible to get cheaper versions that only have silk on the top and cotton or other fabric on the bottom, which means you’ll get less silk. If you have a double-sided silk cover, you may use it for extended periods between washings, resulting in less wear and tear on the silk fabrics.


There’s a Zipper!

It’s incredible how important something as simple as a zipper can be. It is possible to keep your pillow in place even if you toss and turn during the night, thanks to the insertion of an invisible zipper on a silk pillowcase. If you had the choice between a zipped silk cover and an envelope-style pillowcase, you should always go with the zippered one.



Think about what colour cover is suitable for you before you buy. If you prefer bathing at night and getting into bed feeling fresh, you can choose any colour, even the harsh whites and ivory. You might want to go with a darker shade of bedsheet colour since you only wash once in a while, use excessive hairspray, or drool like an actual Saint Bernard when you sleep.


It’s a Win-Win Situation.

A more expensive product does not always imply better quality, but you should only look for a less expensive option if it does not sacrifice quality. If you find a silk cover at a price that seems too pretty good, there’s probably a good reason. Pure, high-quality silk is an elegant, natural, and expensive material. If the silk is solely used on one side, it may be a low-quality mix. Other quality indicators include:


You want to be sure your silken pillow is produced from Mulberry silk, not Eri or Muga. With its ultra-smooth charmeuse weave, this silk cover is free from friction. Longer fibres make a shinier, smoother surface finish, referred to as “grade 6A” silk. Look for a pillowcase manufactured from 6A-quality cotton fabric. The best quality silk available is Mulberry Silk. Following these considerations, the fun part begins, i.e., shopping! Napping on silk is the ultimate luxury with its luxurious feel and numerous health and cosmetic benefits.

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