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Warning: Contains spoilers for Star Trek: Defiant #1!A new Klingon cult has emerged in the Star Trek universe–and they could spell doom for the entire cosmos. Throughout the pages of IDW Publishing’s new flagship Star Trek series, the franchise has been rocked by a god war–and its instigator is none other than Kahless, the clone Emperor of the Klingons. And as seen in Star Trek: Defiant #1, he has attracted followers. Calling themselves the Red Path, they have sworn to kill every god in the universe–which could end the Star Trek universe as fans know it.


Star Trek: Defiant #1 is written by Christopher Cantwell, drawn by Angel Unzueta, colored by Marissa Louise and lettered by Clayton Cowles. Kahless’ campaign of deicide has attracted a rabid following within the Klingon Empire–including Worf’s son Alexander. Worf, who recently broke with Captain Sisko and the crew of the USS Theseus, has aligned himself with Mister Spock and the two discuss the threat the Red Path represents to the galaxy. Not only could the cult potentially lead to an even bloodier Klingon/Federation war, but they could also upend the entire cosmic order. Later, Worf receives a communication from D’enok on the Klingon homeworld. She tells Worf that the Red Path is gaining steam in the Empire, but Chancellor Martok is turning a blind eye towards them while the Council just makes excuses.

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The Red Path is the Most Dangerous Group in Star Trek

Star Trek Red Path

Star Trek Red Path 2

The god war has formed the crux of IDW’s new Star Trek publishing initiative–and one that is rooted in Klingon history. Kahless, the founder of modern Klingon society, killed the gods of the Klingon people thousands of years ago. In the 24th century, a group of Klingon monks cloned Kahless, and he was installed as the first Emperor of the Klingons in centuries. However, the urge to kill gods still resides in Kahless, and he embarked on a crusade to wipe out every single god-like being in the universe. His campaign has thus far claimed the lives of Gary Mitchell and the Crystalline Entities–and now he has followers, making him even deadlier.

The Red Path is one of the biggest threats to ever face the Star Trek universe. First, it could potentially lead to a new outbreak of hostilities between the Klingons and the Federation; previously, Worf stated that if this were to happen, the Klingons, sensing a threat to their messiah Kahless, would attack with an almost religious fervor, which would make this war the bloodiest yet. Additionally, the war could spell the end of the “cosmic order,” as Spock puts it. The god-like beings Kahless is slaughtering are important to the function of the universe, and by killing them, he is upsetting the cosmic balance. Spock does not elaborate on what exactly would happen, but it could mean the unraveling of the fabric of reality.

Could the Red Path Spread Across the Galaxy?

Star Trek Klingons Kahless Honor

For now, the Red Path is confined to the Klingon Empire, but there is a possibility it could eventually spread to other worlds. The galaxy is still recovering from the Dominion War; war usually leads to a number of disaffected and disillusioned people–all ripe to join a cult. If the Red Path’s violent ideology spreads to other planets and species, it becomes an even greater threat. A cult with members in every corner of the galaxy would be the greatest existential threat to the Star Trek universe, meaning this Klingon cult must be contained–and soon.

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Star Trek: Defiant #1 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!


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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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