Star Wars’ Boba Fett Lands in Old West Thanks to Fan


A Reddit user shared their progress in finding a suitable old-west version of Boba Fett’s attire for a Red Dead Online recreation of the character.

A dedicated Red Dead Online player has managed to bring Star Wars‘ most notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett, to the old west. The online component of Red Dead Redemption II has recently become the center of controversy after developer Rockstar continues to give it significantly less attention than similar titles. This sparked a player-driven campaign for Red Dead Online where fans are speaking out about their frustration with the developer’s neglect of the game.

While it may not appear so at first glance, Star Wars is heavily influenced by westerns. Many of the genre’s tropes have appeared in various incarnations throughout Star Wars and in recent years this has been exemplified by the immensely popular Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. So it makes sense that homages to Star Wars might find their way into western intellectual properties such as Red Dead Redemption, specifically Red Dead Online where players are given far more freedom when it comes to creative expression.


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Reddit user Flemboi-schmuck recently showcased their love of the space saga by making their Red Dead Online character look like Boba Fett. The helmet-less recreation of the infamous bounty hunter goes beyond facial aesthetics, which are incredibly accurate in their own right. Flemboi-schmuck appears to be working towards assembling the closest possible outfit to resemble the character’s look from The Book of Boba Fett.

Red Dead Online Boba Fett Recreation 1

See the full Reddit post here.

Players who put in the time with Red Dead Online‘s character creator can produce some incredibly accurate recreations thanks to the extreme levels of customization available. This has likely contributed to the growing outcry from fans who are displeased with the lack of attention the game has received from Rockstar. Making things all the more frustrating is that instead of supporting the 3-year-old Red Dead Online, the developers are choosing to focus on the 8-year-old GTA Online.

While not as popular as its modern-day counterpart, there is still a passionate community filling the servers of Rockstar’s online western. The fact that players are still putting in the time to create characters with the likeness of Flemboi-schmuck’s Boba Fett demonstrates that there is a desire there for more adventures in the world of Red Dead Online. Only time will tell if the fans will be able to sway Rockstar to contribute more ongoing content to the western title that matches the quality of GTA Online or if this will end up being the last gasp of an, unfortunately, dying title. Whatever happens, this is the way.

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Red Dead Online is available to play across PC, PlayStation, Xbox platforms, and Google Stadia.

Source: Flemboi-schmuck/Reddit

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