Stranger Things Season 4 Is Reviving Its Best Character Team-Up Yet


Steve, Robin, and Dustin are back together in Stranger Things season 4, but there are other exciting character teamups to look forward to.

Among the exciting revelations from Stranger Things season 4 footage, it seems the series is reviving its best team-up yet: Steve, Robin, and Dustin. Stranger Things season 3 had a wild finale, with various different character groups playing distinct parts in bringing down the Mind Flayer. With Stranger Things season 4 looking like the highest-stakes, most subplot-stuffed season yet, it’s likely that classic character pairings and new ones will continue to form the backbone of the series’ next storyline.

Stranger Things season 4 experienced significant delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but supplied a healthy dose of teaser content during the wait. In addition to the official trailer which dropped on April 12, Stranger Things season 4 teaser trailers and pictures have been trickling in throughout 2020 and 2021. One of these pictures seemed to hint that Max had joined the iconic “Scoops Troop” of Stranger Things season 3 (Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica). While the inclusion of Max may have been a fake-out by Netflix, it does look like one of the series’ most iconic groups will be reuniting in Stranger Things season 4.


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Steve, Robin, and Dustin’s Stranger Things season 4 reunion has been confirmed by the trailer. Stranger Things season 2 paired Steve (Joe Keery) with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), creating a hilarious bromance. Season 3 season stepped up the pairing, adding Robin (Maya Hawke), an ice-cream-slinging and Russian-message-decoding breath of fresh air. Stranger Things season 4 may add to Dustin and Steve’s group again with some other familiar faces, but the important thing is that the Scoops Troop is back together again.

Dustin, Robin, and Steve Are Teaming Back Up In Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 4 footage shows Steve, Robin, and Dustin getting out of a car together, which signals that the iconic season 3 grouping is back. It remains to be seen how this moment fits into the context of Stranger Things season 4’s overarching story, but the footage does seem to be set in Hawkins. This aligns with evidence from the “Creel House” teaser and the season 4 official trailer which places Steve, Robin, and Dustin (along with Erica, Max, Lucas, and Nancy) in Stranger Things’ original small-town setting. As for what the Scoops Troop will be up to in Stranger Things season 4, it will likely center around the mysterious Creel House and its connection to the Upside Down, along with the new threat, Vecna, which appears to be breaking through the Gate.

Max Is Joining The Hawkins Gang In Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 4 cast

Stranger Things season 4 will also see Max integrate more fully into the Hawkins group, which also includes Nancy, Lucas, and possibly Lucas’s little sister Erica. This grouping should bring a new dynamic to the Stranger Things crew. Max shakes things up in Stranger Things season 2, skateboarding into Hawkins with attitude and sass. Like Robin injected new energy into Dustin and Steve’s shenanigans in season 3, Max could do the same in Stranger Things season 4. Likewise, the group could help revitalize Nancy. In Stranger Things season 2, the character was out to get justice for Barb (Shannon Purser), and season 3 had her dealing with the burden of misogynistic co-workers. By teaming up with Dustin, Steve, Robin, Max, and Lucas in Stranger Things season 4, Nancy could finally have some fun.

What Other Pairings Will Stranger Things Season 4 Offer?

Additionally, Stranger Things season 4’s characters will fall into some other fresh groupings: the hybrid Byers family, Mike, and a new character, Argyle, in California; Hopper, Joyce, and another yet-unknown character in Russia; and even Eleven by herself back at the Hawkins Lab. While the bulk of Stranger Things‘ young cast has remained in Hawkins and seems to fall under the Steve/Robin/Dustin grouping, these other team-ups should also prove interesting, especially with new locations like (the fictional) Lenora Hills, CA and Siberia to explore. Russia certainly has its own Gate to the Upside Down, which will likely be the subject of Joyce and Hopper’s subplot, while California may be facing an interdimensional threat for the first time, which the Byers boys, Mike, and Eleven, can fix in Stranger Things season 4.

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Are Max And Lucas Still Together?

It does appear that Max and Lucas are still together in Stranger Things season 4, having gotten back together at the end of season 3. Stranger Things season 4 footage shows Max and Lucas together in the Creel House and the Hawkins cemetery, although they aren’t ever shown alone. Most likely, this is further evidence that Max will be taking on a bigger role among the original Hawkins group, and it’s even possible that Max gets powers in Stranger Things season 4. With classic character combinations like Steve, Robin, and Dustin returning for Stranger Things season 4, it will be good to see some fresh dynamics in play as well.

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