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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Batman.

The Batman was released in March 2022, ushering in a new era for the Dark Knight — here’s everything to know about The Batman 2, including updates on The Joker’s possible inclusion and the spin-off shows. Directed by Matt Reeves from a screenplay by him and Peter Craig, The Batman sees the title character in his second year as Gotham City’s vigilante. With every comic book movie comes the question about a potential sequel, and The Batman does hint there is more story to tell in this universe.

The Batman follows Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) as he investigates a series of murders by The Riddler (Paul Dano), who keeps leaving the Caped Crusader clues at every crime scene. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), Batman must try to solve the clues and stop Dano’s The Riddler before he claims another victim, but not before he uncovers quite a few facts about Gotham City’s elite.


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While The Batman stands alone, it is set up to usher in its own universe. A mixture of films and spin-off series on HBO Max proves this, and that is separate from the remainder of the DC Extended Universe. Here is everything to know about The Batman 2, including who in the cast might return, the sequel’s release date, and if the Joker will be in it.

The Batman 2 Is Happening

Everything We Know About The Batman 2

Matt Reeves confirmed that early talks are happening for The Batman sequel and that two further installments are being planned for the future. Considering that Warner Bros. has talked about three (possibly even four) upcoming series spinning out of The Batman — one (now-canceled) series about the Gotham City Police Department, and more about Arkham Asylum, The Penguin, and maybe Catwoman — it makes sense that the film would also get a sequel. It’s a Batman movie, and considering the outright success of the Pattinson-led film, it warrants a follow-up. After all, the film itself sets up a few plot threads for the sequel’s story to pull on in The Batman 2, including ample footage of Barry Keoghan’s Joker.

How The Batman’s Ending Sets Up A Sequel

Everything We Know About The Batman 2

The Batman ends with a penultimate scene that sees The Riddler befriending the Joker in Arkham Asylum, teasing a potential alliance between the villainous pair in The Batman 2 (or the Arkham Asylum show). Joker’s riddle possibly hints at the arrival of the Court of Owls, a criminal group made up of many of Gotham’s wealthiest citizens. A voiceover from Pattinson’s Caped Crusader suggests Gotham will rebuild, but the chaos and corruption will be at an all-time high following the death of Carmine Falcone.

Barry Keoghan’s Joker could also come back in The Batman 2. While he only appears in the final scene of The Batman, a deleted scene was released that reveals a 5-minute interaction between him and Batman. The scene was not included in the film as studios thought it might detract from Paul Dano’s Riddler. Given Keoghan’s astounding performance in the clip, they weren’t wrong. Keoghan’s Joker resembles none of his predecessors, and he sports a largely disfigured face, along with the signature Joker laugh. Either way, the studios are starting to reveal more of The Batman‘s iteration of the supervillain, meaning it could be leading up to his big debut in The Batman 2. The Penguin, who was Falcone’s right-hand man, could also emerge as a major villain in The Batman sequel. He certainly has the connections to do so and it seems like he’s been on the sidelines long enough. Penguin’s spinoff show could very well lead into his story in the sequel, whereas Arkham Asylum would prep viewers for an all-new Joker.

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Is The Joker In The Batman 2?

The Joker Batman deleted scene paperclip Arkham

Since the iconic villain made an appearance in The Batman, it’s become more likely that the Joker will show up in The Batman 2. Even if they save the Joker’s debut as the big bad for the final film, he could play a more active role as the franchise continues. In the deleted scene, Batman goes to Arkham Asylum to question the Joker about the Riddler. The Joker flips through police files before closing in on Bruce Wayne’s psyche, forcing the hero to leave as the cell fills with the villain’s eerie laughter. Since Wayne is taking visits with the Joker, there’s no doubt he’ll have a larger role in The Batman sequel. His unveiling has been a long process, due to the character’s infamy in the Batman universe. He could be the main villain for The Batman 2. However, it seems like Reeves is holding information on the character for as long as possible, and a battle with the Joker is much more suited for the finale of the franchise.

Will Court Of Owls Be In The Batman 2?

The Court of Owls from Batman.

It’s unknown whether the Court of Owls will be the main villain(s) in The Batman sequel, but the ending of the film definitely points to that. The movie clearly sets up this possibility, as the focus on organized crime is at the forefront of the gritty rendition, and the Court of Owls comprises the most corrupt of Gotham’s elite. Since Gotham is only going to get worse after the Riddler, the Court of Owls could likely be the next centerpiece of The Batman 2, or may at least be involved. Robert Pattinson has reportedly shown his support of this prospect. Though he says it’s just an educated guess, if the star of the movie is putting it out there, then it may not be that far from the truth.

The Batman 2 Cast: Who Could Return & Who Might Debut?

Everything We Know About The Batman 2

Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Serkis will more than likely return as Batman, Catwoman, Jim Gordon, and Alfred, respectively. Paul Dano will probably not come back because Riddler was arrested, but he may always return in a smaller capacity. Barry Keoghan as Joker could also play a larger role in The Batman 2. Besides the Penguin and Joker coming to the forefront, The Batman 2 could also focus on Hush (aka, Tommy Elliot), a villain who was heavily teased in the film through Edward Elliot. The Batman sequel may also introduce villains from the comics who weren’t in the first movie, such as Clayface, Scarecrow, and so many other great characters from Batman’s Rogues Gallery. The Court of Owls and Robin could also debut in the next movie. If not, people are sure to see some of these lesser-known villains pop up in the Arkham Asylum TV series.

The Batman 2’s Predicted Release Date

Everything We Know About The Batman 2

The Batman faced several delays because of the global pandemic, especially as it began filming shortly before lockdown, and was stalled for several months, before picking back up with production later in 2020. The Batman was initially scheduled for a summer 2021 release. Given the filming and post-production timeframe of the first movie, The Batman 2 may be out in the summer or fall of 2024 at the earliest. However, fans shouldn’t expect the sequel to take any longer than five years to release, according to The Batman producer Dylan Clark. In the meantime, there are four possible spinoff shows in the works that will only add to The Batman universe.

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Everything We Know About The Batman Spin-Off Shows

As of now, there are three confirmed, and one possible, The Batman spinoff shows. It was announced in 2020 that a series focused on the Gotham Police Department (Gotham P.D.) would be released on HBO Max. However, the show has been put on indefinite hold, as disagreements surrounding the series prompted an entirely different spinoff. Replacing Gotham P.D. on Reeve’s production calendar is none other than an untitled Arkham Asylum series. The Joker would likely show up in this one, though the timeline of the show hasn’t been confirmed. Reeves has teased that the series will be more in the vein of the horror genre, and Barry Keoghan’s horrific Joker would certainly fit in.

The most recently announced The Batman spinoff is a Penguin-focused show. The program is currently in active development with HBO Max, and Colin Farrell has signed on to reprise the role. The series will chronicle the meteoric rise of Oswald Cobblepot into his current iteration as a high-flying gangster, possibly setting him up as the big bad in a The Batman sequel. Finally, a Catwoman spinoff hasn’t been confirmed, nor announced, but Reeves has expressed interest to HBO Max that he’d really like to make one. Given the success of The Batman and Zoë Kravitz’s outstanding performance in the role, it’s probable that Reeves’ wishes could come true. With all of this in mind, hopefully, The Batman 2 will be just as good as the original – if not better.

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