The Batman IMAX Poster Spotlights All The DC Film’s Characters


The Batman scores its own IMAX-exclusive poster, and it puts special focus on all the DC characters who make up the impressive ensemble.

The official IMAX poster for The Batman offers a gritty look at the DC film’s entire cast of characters. DC movies always elicit excitement, but Matt Reeves’ The Batman has to be one of the most anticipated films to emerge from the superhero franchise in a very long time. The updated take on the iconic hero is set in a separate universe from the DCEU and stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. When The Batman picks up, he will be in his second year as Gotham’s famed vigilante, and it won’t be long before he faces his most difficult challenge yet.

That comes in the form of the Riddler (Paul Dano). This version of the villain is a masked serial killer who has been preying on Gotham’s elite and toying with the Batman as he does so. To get to the bottom of the Riddler’s nefarious schemes, Bruce will align himself with both Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), who appears to be straddling the line between ally and enemy. The Batman also includes some other familiar DC characters, most notably the Penguin (Colin Farrell) and Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis).


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Every single one of those characters are featured on The Batman‘s official IMAX poster, which was released just a month before the movie’s debut. The horizontal sheet offers multiple peeks at those like Bruce, the Riddler, and Catwoman, while an outline of a bat with a question mark in the center looms over them all. Check it out down below.

The Batman IMAX poster

The Batman has mounted a creative marketing campaign that includes riddle-filled websites and posters with hidden messages. It all speaks to the overall mystery that hangs over The Batman, which, at the moment, revolves around the Riddler and his grand plan. Reeves has been open about his desire to dig into Bruce’s skills as a detective, and the overall aesthetic of the film feels very reminiscent of gritty crime dramas like Seven. All told, The Batman is very unlike a typical superhero movie, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

As the IMAX poster highlights, The Batman has a wide cast of characters to introduce. Some, like Gordon and the Penguin, are already destined for spin-offs of their own, but others like the Riddler and Catwoman have the potential to be secondary leads in Bruce’s story. Reeves and DC have been far from quiet about their aspirations for a larger Batman universe, and this film is only just the beginning. Audiences will get to see all the above characters in action when The Batman arrives in March.

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Source: The Batman/Twitter

  • The Batman (2022)Release date: Mar 04, 2022
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