The Best Electro Characters to Build in Genshin Impact


With so many characters, deciding who to build in Genshin Impact can be daunting. Here are the best Electro units players should build.

With so many characters with different functions and abilities, deciding who to build in Genshin Impact can be daunting. However, Electro characters tend to be some of the best support units in the game, as Genshin Impact is consistently releasing new exciting and powerful Electro characters to go along with the current Electro region of Inazuma.

While Electro characters are well-loved for their great designs and fun backstories, many Electro characters can be built into powerful units to assist the player’s main team. Here’s what Electro characters players would benefit most from building in Genshin Impact.


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Currently, there are nice Electro characters in the game (not including the Electro traveler): Baal, Keqing, Kuki Shinobu, Yae Miko, Raider Shogun, Lisa, Razor, Fischl, Beidou, and Kujou Sara. In addition to these characters, the Electro head shrine maiden Yae Miko also appeared in the game following the Version 2.5 update.

Which Electro Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Yae Miko Kujou Sara Baal Electro Characters

While all Electro characters in the game as of now can be great party members in their own way, players likely don’t have the resources to build every character they pull. So to help players out, here’s which Electro character excels best in their role and which character players should focus on.

In terms of 5-Star units, the Raiden Shogun Baal is considered one of the best supports in the game. She increases the Elemental Burst DMG of the entire team and deals incredibly high active and passive Electro DMG, meaning she’s great both on and off the field. In addition to this, she regenerates Energy for the time alongside her own incredibly high Energy Recharge, meaning her Elemental Burst is almost always active.

For a 5-Star Main DPS, Keqing can be built as either an Electro or Physical damage dealer. She has a fast Charge Attack speed with high damage multipliers, and her Elemental Skill can hit weak points with ease thanks to its range and low cooldown. In addition, she’s the only character who can teleport using her Elemental Skill, making her fun on the battlefield.

In terms of 4-Star units, Fischl is an excellent choice for increasing Elemental Reaction damage during battle. By focusing on leveling up her Elemental Skill, players can simply drop her Skill and leave the field, leaving Oz to deal Electro damage as the Main DPS that deals devastating Elemental Reactions. In addition, her Elemental Burst can be used as a quick escape as it makes her untargetable for some time, making her great for characters who struggle to dodge attacks.

In terms of lore and character design, Electro characters in Genshin Impact tend to be some of the most beloved. As long as the player builds the character of their choice well, any Electro character will be feasible on the battlefield. So while certain characters will deal more damage than others, players should always pick their units based on which characters interest them most.

Yae Miko is a 5-star Catalyst user in Genshin Impact who can be used for dealing excellent Electro damage on enemies. She has the ability to deal AoE Electro damage when she uses her Sesshou Sakura Elemental Skill. However, when Yae Miko uses her burst skill, the turrets fire thunderbolts rapidly, making her very deadly on the battlefield. The most significant advantage Yae Miko provides is her very short cooldown for her Elemental Skills. Essentially, her skills will remain active throughout a fight, so players should initially focus on leveling her Elemental Skill over the burst. Yae Miko can also charge other units’ energy, making her the perfect support character for parties consisting Beidou. The best builds for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact involve making her a Sub-DPS where she can deal as much damage as possible.

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Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and PC.

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