Todrick Cancels Exit Interviews After Finale


Todrick Hall has canceled all of his scheduled interviews with the press following his loss at the Celebrity Big Brother season 3 finale on Wednesday.

Todrick Hall has canceled all of his exit interviews after losing Celebrity Big Brother 3 to Miesha Tate by a jury vote of 7-1 and learning how the viewers and his costars have been reacting to his actions and statements on the show. After spending months living with the Cookout alliance members from Big Brother 23, Todrick started a rather obvious campaign on social media to join the next Celebrity Big Brother cast.

In 2022, Todrick was announced as one of the 11 houseguests on CBB3. He immediately had the full support of the Cookout alliance on social media, but fans were resistant to him due to his reputation from prior to Celebrity Big Brother. Alas, it seemed like it was Todrick’s plan all along to showcase a different side of himself and potentially redeem himself from certain recent controversies. It didn’t work out the way he might have expected, though, with many fans taking to social media to denounce Todrick’s statements in the CBB live feeds.


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On Wednesday, February 23, Todrick lost Celebrity Big Brother season 3 to Miesha Tate by an almost unanimous jury vote of 7-1. Fans already knew this was coming given that the CBB3 jury members had been posting on social media how disappointed they were to hear and see certain things from Todrick on the show. His only vote at the finale came from Cynthia Bailey, who had just been evicted that night and, unlike her costars, didn’t watch the show at all before casting her vote. However, in a shocking twist, CBS told reporters on late Wednesday night that Todrick abruptly canceled his scheduled exit interviews following the CBB3 finale.

It’s safe to say that Todrick didn’t expect the reaction he received from Celebrity Big Brother fans at all. As seen in the tweets above, Parade reporter Mike Bloom, Us Weekly reporter Sharon Tharp, and EW reporter Dalton Ross all announced the last-minute update from CBS that Todrick canceled all of his press interviews following the CBB3 finale. The reporters are hoping that Todrick can reschedule these interviews, but it’s understood by fans that Todrick probably didn’t want to answer questions right after learning how the public reacted to his journey on Big Brother. As of this writing, Todrick has also not shared anything on his social media pages.

In contrast, Celebrity Big Brother season 3 winner Miesha Tate was present for all the exit interviews she had been scheduled to do after the finale. She has spoken to the press openly about her journey on the show and how she feels about learning that Todrick was so disliked. Miesha appears to be happy about her victory, but she also feels upset that her biggest ally in the game has left the show on such a sour note.

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Celebrity Big Brother season 3 is currently airing on CBS. Check out the show’s full schedule here.

Sources: Mike Bloom/Twitter, Sharon Tharp/Twitter, Dalton Ross/Twitter


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