Upcoming Horror Martha Is Dead To Be Censored On PlayStation, Not Xbox


The publisher of upcoming indie horror Martha is Dead has announced the game will be censored on PlayStation with content cut – but not on Xbox or PC.

Upcoming horror game Martha is Dead will be censored on PlayStation consoles, though not on Xbox or PC, according to publisher Wired Productions. Martha is Dead is a terrifying psychological horror game that deals with very dark themes and topics, and is scheduled to release across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, later this month on February 24.

Martha is Dead has been high on the wishlist of horror fans for some months, with many eagerly awaiting the chance to delve into its atmospheric and tense story for themselves. A narrative-driven game, Martha is Dead takes place in Italy in 1944, set against the backdrop of war. After finding her sister Martha has been murdered, her twin sister Giulia is left to deal with the loss and trauma of her death, in a game that is set to blur the lines of fiction and reality for its characters. From the developer of The Town of Light, the title is expected to be one of the biggest horror indie games of 2022.


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Those picking up Martha is Dead on PlayStation 4 or PS5 will have a censored version of the game, as revealed by Wired Productions on Twitter. The publisher issued a statement, today, February 11, announcing that it has “had to modify the experience on the PS5 and PS4 versions, with some elements no longer playable.” Wired notes in the statement that the game is “recommended for adult audiences only,” alluding to the game’s “potentially discomforting scenes and themes that may distress” as being the reason for some content needing to be cut on PlayStation consoles. It’s not yet clear what exactly will be removed to allow it to be published for Sony hardware, but the publisher notes the changes will mean a delay to physical retail copies for PS4 and PS5. Wired confirms that Xbox and PC players will be unaffected, and will have access to the full game.

This is far from the first time a game had content cut due to its nature, with Sony having previously clamped down on a number of game releases to remove things like nudity and adult themes. That being said, it’s rarer for games to be cut for having distressing scenes as alluded to by Wired, leaving many to ponder on what exactly has been cut from Martha is Dead. The developer has noted since the game was announced that it may cause distress, with topics of a heavier nature explored throughout its story. Players don’t have long to wait to find out what’s missing, with the release date just days away.

Those hoping to experience the full Martha is Dead experience on PlayStation may be out of luck, as it seems as though Sony has taken issue with some aspects of the full release. While it’s possible that the game may release in full after being banned in its current form, this seems unlikely if it’s to be assumed that Sony is the one censoring the title. The change may cause a dip in PlayStation sales of the game, as those with multiple hardware options may opt for Xbox or PC versions to ensure they don’t miss everything Martha is Dead has to offer. It’s hoped Microsoft and Steam won’t follow suit and also censor the indie horror.

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Source: Wired Productions/Twitter

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