Weird Al Yankovic Jokingly Spoils the Ending of Upcoming Biopic


With the production of his biopic currently underway, Weird Al Yankovic pretends to reveal the film’s ending by posting a fake spoiler on Twitter.

Weird Al Yankovic jokingly leaked the ending of his upcoming biopic WEIRD: The Weird Al Yankovic Story. Yankovic is a comedic musician best known for his parodies of famous pop songs and trademark polka medleys. Last month, it was announced that Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe would play Yankovic in a film about his life.

WEIRD will be produced by Yankovic with a script co-written by him and director Eric Appel of Funny or Die, which is also producing the film. Production is currently underway in Los Angeles as photos of Radcliffe dressed as the Grammy-winning artist recently surfaced online, sporting his trademark curly black hair and mustache from the early days of his career. The film is slated to stream exclusively on The Roku Channel, currently pending the release date.


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On Day 7 of filming, Yankovic tweeted the “ending” of his biopic. He stated that he was so proud of the script while also claiming that he could “get in trouble” with Roku as a photo attached to the tweet was merely the final line in the script, “Cut to BLACK. CREDIT CRAWL BEGINS.” Since Yankovic is best known for making everything he does funny, the punchline was worth giggling at as no actual story details were revealed.

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Fans of Yankovic enjoyed the tweet and played along with the joke, pretending to be mad about the so-called “spoiler.” Some even jokingly questioned the usage of “Cut to Black” rather than “Fade to Black.” Either way, it’s all about making people laugh for Yankovic, and fans are already laughing with him before any actual footage can be seen. This will be Yankovic’s first film since producing, writing, and starring in UHF in 1989. Since WEIRD’s announcement, fans have been speculating on what they would like to see in the biopic.

This could not only be a cinematic comeback for Yankovic but potentially a hit for Roku. Compared to other major streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max, Roku is not necessarily considered a powerhouse for original content, even after acquiring the library of the defunct Quibi platform. So a Weird Al Yankovic biopic starring Harry Potter already sounds like quite a gamble. However, since Yankovic has been actively involved in the project, WEIRD is expected to be funny and accurate to his life. If the film is a hit, it could also help enhance the future of Roku. Hopefully, the next time Yankovic tweets about his movie, he’ll be just as funny as he’s always been.

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