What Legendary & Directors Have Said About The MonsterVerse Continuing


Until recently, there were understandable concerns about the MonsterVerse’s future. Here’s what been said so far about its potential to continue.

Various comments from those involved with the MonsterVerse help shed some light on whether or not it has a future after Godzilla vs. Kong. Considering that the movie released on HBO Max and in theaters way back in March 2021, the long lack of announcements about new MonsterVerse installments was quite concerning. There was a hope among fans that Godzilla 3 or Kong 2 would be confirmed eventually, and now there is finally some news.

Due to Godzilla: King of the Monsters disappointing at the box office, it was understood that the future of the MonsterVerse rested on the shoulders of Godzilla vs. Kong, which served as the culmination of the three preceding movies. If it failed, there would be little justification for Legendary and Warner Bros. to make another movie for either Titan. Fortunately, Godzilla vs. Kong seemingly satisfied expectations by pleasing critics and bringing in $467 million at the worldwide box office. Given the state of the industry and the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, this figure was considered to be good news for the MonsterVerse’s movie timeline continuing. That being said, the studio took its sweet time confirming outright if and when more movies would be made.


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As a result, statements made by writers, directors, and executive producers provided the only clues about MonsterVerse’s chances of continuing, up until recently. Finally, however, after a long and agonizing silence, eager MonsterVerse audiences now have not just one, but two upcoming projects to look forward to. Here’s all the information available so far on the future of Legendary’s creature franchise and how it will continue to develop.

The MonsterVerse’s Future Was Uncertain

Godzilla fighting Kong in Hong Kong at night

Legendary CEO Josh Grode confirmed back in April of 2021 that the studio had numerous ideas for more MonsterVerse movies but didn’t specify what they were. Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard expressed hope that the MonsterVerse would make more movies but said it would depend on the enthusiasm of the fans. Months later, Godzilla vs. Kong writer Max Borenstein revealed that “exciting things are happening”, which was arguably the most positive piece of MonsterVerse news that had been up until that point.

In the absence of Borenstein’s tease, there would have been plenty of reasons to suspect that Warner Bros. had closed the door on the MonsterVerse. The franchise’s status was already in doubt before Godzilla vs. Kong was even released, and while there were always reports about Legendary Pictures working to ensure the continuation of the MonsterVerse, official word from the studio was a long time coming. Now, however, there is finally some good news to share.

Godzilla Vs Kong 2 Is Finally Coming

Godzilla fights Kong inside the ocean

It seems the next Godzilla and Kong crossover movie is finally underway, as filming for Godzilla vs. Kong 2 is set to take place in Queensland, Australia later in 2022, per an announcement from Australia’s government on March 21, 2022. This won’t be the MonsterVerse’s first jaunt to the Gold Coast, as Kong: Skull Island was also shot there back in 2015-2016. Story details are currently scarce for Godzilla vs. Kong 2. But, based on previous comments from Wingard, it will likely explore the Hollow Earth and prehistoric mysteries teased in the first Godzilla vs. Kong movie. Regardless of what shape the plot takes, however, audiences will likely be thrilled to see another massive MonsterVerse battle between Godzilla and Kong either way.

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Godzilla’s Monsterverse Future Also Includes A TV Spin-Off

MonsterVerse Can Only Maintain King of the monsters Continuity If Godzilla Doesn’t Appear In Apples Show

If the news of another MonsterVerse movie wasn’t enough, a new Apple TV+ show accompanies Godzilla vs. Kong as the latest project to be announced for the franchise. Ordered in January of 2022, the yet-untitled spin-off series will be set shortly after the catastrophic events of Godzilla (2014), and explore the secret Monarch organization. It’s still unclear just how prominently the MonsterVerse’s other Titans will feature, but Godzilla will likely be the star of the show when it comes to giant monsters. Considering how long audiences had to wait for MonsterVerse news after the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, it’s exciting that there are now multiple new titles on the horizon.

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