What The Scrubs Cast Has Done Since The Show Ended


Where have Zach Braff’s JD, Sarah Chalke’s Elliot, Donald Faison’s Turk, and the rest of the Scrubs cast been since the sitcom ended in 2010?

The cast of Scrubs earned critical acclaim for their stellar chemistry throughout the sitcom’s long run, so many fans are understandably curious about where the actors have ended up in the years since the show wrapped up. Scrubs debuted in 2001 to critical acclaim. The sitcom followed the lives and loves of a handful of doctors, orderlies, nurses, medical students, and assorted staffers in Sacred Heart Hospital.

While other acclaimed earlier ‘00s sitcoms such as Arrested Development earned rave reviews for their dark sense of humor and the ironic distance they held from their morally flawed characters, Scrubs was a warmer and more character-driven dramedy. Centering its stories on the friendships and romantic relationships of its stars, Scrubs was poignant as often as it was funny and prized dramatic moments as much as punchlines. Despite this, Scrubs maintained a silly sense of humor that lightened the heaviness of its subject matter.


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The cast of Scrubs was composed of some sitcom heavyweights, some newcomers, and some screen veterans who weren’t known for their comedic chops. Newcomer Zach Braff became a star thanks to his portrayal of adorably nerd JD, character actor John C McGinley offered a career-defining turn as the taciturn Dr. Cox, and former Roseanne star Sarah Chalke broadened her sitcom credentials as JD’s on-again, off-again love interest Elliot Reid. Comic veteran Neill Flynn and Donald Faison rounded out the regular cast alongside Judy Reyes and Ken Jenkins, all of whom have remained busy in the decade since the series ended. So, what have the stars of Scrubs done since Sacred Heart Hospital closed its doors in 2010?

Zach Braff

During his tenure on the show, star Zach Braff briefly built a career as a rom-com leading man from his success in Scrubs before opting to spend more time behind the camera and on stage after the series ended. Outside of a handful of movie roles in the likes of The Comeback Trail and Oz The Great and Powerful, Braff has mostly settled into directing since Scrubs ended its nine-season run. As a director, Braff has helmed episodes of the hit sitcom Ted Lasso and the drama series Solos, as well as 2014’s Wish I Was Here and 2017’s Going in Style. Proving he has a sense of humor, Braff also cameod as himself in both The Disaster Artist and Bojack Horseman.

Sarah Chalke

Thanks to a role in the ‘90s hit Roseanne, actor Sarah Chalke was already a sitcom veteran by the time she took on the role of Elliot Reid in Scrubs. Since the series ended her career in screen comedy has continued to flourish, with Chalke playing How I Met Your Mother’s Stella and Paradise PD’s Gina as well as making guest appearances in everything from Angie Tribeca to American Dad. Perhaps her most critically-acclaimed role since Scrubs has been as Rick & Morty’s troubled Beth, although the success of Netflix’s drama Firefly Lane may soon change that.

Judy Reyes

Scrubs Carla

With bit parts on acclaimed shows such as Oz, NYPD Blue, and The Sopranos, it is fair to say that Judy Reyes was well established before her breakthrough role as the sardonic nurse Carla in Scrubs. However, the actor’s career has only grown in profile since the series ended, with Reyes continuing to impress in the area of comedy-drama in particular. A series regular role on Devious Maids and Jane The Virgin, as well as numerous appearances on Succession and Search Party, prove that Reyes is more than able to balance both lighter mainstream comedy fare and darker indie hits.

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Donald Faison

J.D. and Turk on Scrubs

Before ever appearing in Scrubs, Donald Faison ranked alongside Breckin Meyer, Jason Biggs, and Scream’s Matthew Lillard as a ‘90s teen comedy star. The actor was known for his early roles in teen movies such as Clueless, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Trippin, and has remained a comedy star since Scrubs wrapped in 2010. As well as appearing in Braff’s Wish I Was Here, Faison has impressed with roles in cult comedies ranging from Kick-Ass 2 to Little Evil, to Pitch Perfect, to Game Over Man. Faison also headlined the comedy series The Exes as well as cropping up in Ray Donovan and Drunk History, proving that the star’s career is still thriving on the big and small screen alike.

John C. McGinley

Cox with his hands above his head

Probably the most well-known star before his role on the series, John C. McGinley used a breakthrough role in Scrubs to transition from being a well-liked supporting star to a bonafide leading man. Pre-Scrubs, McGinley was a reliable screen presence in classics from Oliver Stone’s Vietnam classic Platoon to Se7en, to Office Space to Point Break. Since Scrubs ended, he has continued to crop up in movies like Battle of the Sexes, but much of McGinley’s work has been focused on the small screen. There, he has been the lead of IFC’s quirky horror-comedy Stan Against Evil, had a recurring role on Burn Notice, and played a villainous police union head in Brooklyn 99’s final season.

Neill Flynn

scrubs neil flynn the janitor

Before and during his role as the irascible Janitor on Scrubs, Neil Flynn was a familiar face from numerous cult movies. While the actor had small roles in Mean Girls and the early Adam McKay hit Anchorman before Scrubs ended, the show’s ending offered Flynn the chance to take on a lead role in the family sitcom The Middle. While he has also appeared in Key and Peele, Undateable, and Bob’s Burgers for an episode apiece since, it is Flynn’s central starring role in The Middle that he is best known for since Scrubs, and which may even have eclipsed his supporting role on the earlier series.

Ken Jenkins

Bob Kelso patronizes Cox and says he does not care in Scrubs

As Bob Kelso, Ken Jenkins gave a human (and often surprisingly funny) face to the side of American hospital drama that viewers rarely see on TV. Often found trying to maximize profits and ensure the hospital made money off its sick patients, Kelso was a frequently hard-hearted and occasionally pragmatic anti-villain who Jenkins managed to make believable and human. Famous for roles in everything from the Tom Clancy adaptation The Sum of All Fears to Gone In 60 Seconds, Jenkins was a recognizable face from genre TV and cinema well before Scrubs. Since the series ended, he enjoyed a long-standing supporting role on Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence’s Cougar Town as well as parts on Gravity’s Falls and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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