Which Anime Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?


The modern canon of anime is one of the most diverse collections in all media, with unique stories, ideas, and characters spanning hundreds of different shows. As such, there’s something for everybody – and, inevitably, something that matches their zodiac signs.

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Every sign is unique, so there’s naturally an anime character that meshes well with everyone watching in some shape or form. They all have various core attributes that make them the perfect representations of the many specific signs of the zodiac.

Updated on April 6th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Just as there is a zodiac sign for every anime character, there are multiple characters that fit neatly with the personality traits of every zodiac sign. Even sometimes characters who seem like they couldn’t be more different actually have traits in common, like an older environmentalist and a teenage girl hunting monsters. Anime fans might be surprised just which zodiac signs opposing characters match up with.


Aries: Michiko Malandro And Sakura Kinomoto

A split image features Michiko Malandro from Michiko and Hatchin alongside Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

Hot-headed, confident, and always rooting for underdogs, every Aries is strong in their convictions and unwavering in their direction. They hate when others get in their way, especially when their loved ones are at risk. Passion drives them.

That makes Michiko of Michiko & Hatchin the ultimate Aries, with her combat skills, eagerness for a fight, and long history as a person who stands up for the little people. She’s loyal to a fault, yet she knows her own worth and power. And while her rage might foil her plans at times, ultimately an Aries has to do what an Aries has to do. She actually has a lot in common with the seemingly meek Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura. That loyalty and drive is something they share. Sakura might not embrace her rage, but she does allow her love for others to drive her as well. She’s also canonically an Aries with her zodiac sign in the anime attributed to her April 1 birthday.

Taurus: Himura Kenshin

Kenshin drawing his sword in Rurouni Kenshin

Tauruses are defined by their love for peace and quiet. They enjoy being in nature and savoring the little things in life – all of which are trademarks of Kenshin (of the anime Ruroni Kenshin), who traded his bloodthirsty past for a peaceful present.

Kenshin is known for his gentle demeanor, striving to understand everyone he meets. He only kills as a last resort, going so far as to design his sword so it won’t draw blood (something fans of The Witcher might appreciate). All Kenshin wants is to lead a simple life with the people he loves, which is a classic Taurus life goal.

Gemini: L Lawliet

As one of the most misunderstood signs, Geminis are built of conflicting ideologies. They are generally brilliant thinkers, yet their way of navigating the world is unconventional, somewhat antisocial, and fairly sneaky. And if that isn’t Death Note’s great detective L in a nutshell, then no zodiac sign is.

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L is notoriously grey in his morals, often playing multiple sides to get what he wants, which is more for the “greater good” than for his own desire to solve problems. L is complex and fascinating, and to be compared with him is a sign of great intelligence and aptitude in one’s goals – provided they don’t lose themselves in the process.

Cancer: Takashi Natsume And Usagi Tsukino

A split image depicts Takashi Natsume of Natsume's Book Of Friends alongside Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal

Cancers are notoriously sensitive, highly empathetic, and almost painfully in tune with the world around them. That perfectly sums up Natsume’s Book Of Friends’ titular Natsume, who is so in touch with the world, he can see yokai – and his proficiency in this area makes his story one of the best occult anime. Despite how difficult his life has been, Natsume always strives to be as kind as possible, and he takes the kindnesses of others very seriously. He’s thoughtful to a fault, and is so worried about the feelings of others, he can be rather oblivious in all other areas.

Like most other Cancers, his sensitivity is his curse, but it’s also his blessing. The same is true of the titular character in Sailor Moon. Though Usagi Tsukino might be a little more selfish than Natsume at first, she grows into someone who always puts the world first. She always wants to reach out to others and make friends instead of believe the rumors she hears as well – kind as a hero and a high school student.

Leo: Victor Nikiforov

Yuri On Ice Yuri and Victor

Leos are the divas of the zodiacs: they’re stylish, friendly, and love being the center of attention. They handle rumors with ease, are naturally very captivating, and do best when they get to set their own rules. That makes Yuri on Ice’s ice skating star Victor Nikiforov the best representative for this fiery zodiac sign.

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Victor has been center-stage of the ice skating world since he was just 16 years old. He’s incredibly talented, effortlessly charismatic, handsome and well-groomed, and most of all, he’s determined to be remembered as one of the best. Most of all, like a classic Leo, he’s romantic, and his attraction to Yuri Katsuki is something he feels no need to hide.

Virgo: Yuugo Hachiken

Hachiken hugs his pet piglet, "Pork Bowl"

If anyone was ever a Virgo, it would be Silver Spoon’s Hachiken. Virgos are hard-working, diligent, methodical, and are happiest when working with their hands – such as in agricultural fields. All of these traits fit Hachiken pretty much perfectly.

Hachiken was such an overachiever, he burnt out in a traditional school setting, and thus transferred to an agricultural school where he found his true calling in life: farming! His work ethic helped him compensate for his lack of experience with farm work, and his Virgo love for nature made the rest easy.

Libra: Lelouch Vi Brittannia And Naruto Uzumaki

A split image features Lelouch Vi Brittannia of Code Geass and Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto

Many know Libras for their fixation with balance, but that could mean a number of things: a need for harmony, a desire for equality, or even just a simple love for aesthetics. In all of these regards, Lelouch Vi Brittania of Code Geass is an excellent example of a Libra.

The rebellious prince is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve his goals, which entail the end of societal discrimination and the beginning of a new, harmonious era. While he might seem ruthless in his pursuits, he is ultimately acting out of compassion and he takes care to make sure all ends are tied up nicely. He and Naruto Uzumaki of the Naruto franchise have similar goals. Naruto isn’t as ruthless, but he is just as determined. Though he’s a proficient fighter, fans have dubbed his ability to talk an enemy out of a fight “talk no jutsu.”

Scorpio: Haru

Beastars Season 2 Intro Legoshi and Haru

As another misunderstood sign, Scorpios are often feared for their secrecy, cleverness, and boldness. They’re confident in their sexuality and are often difficult to read, and in the face of adversity, they retaliate with calculated calmness. Such assured individuals are often reviled – just like Cherryton High’s Haru of Beastars.

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Haru is a sweet dwarf rabbit who unfortunately has to put up a front, due to all the ridicule and infantilization she’s endured throughout her life. Many students see her as a threat due to how comfortable she is in her skin, both as a sexual being and as a confident young girl. But Haru is keenly aware of all of this – she just prefers being herself to the contrary.

Sagittarius: Guts

Guts draws his blade in Berserk

The path of a Sagittarius is ultimately their own to master. Even when the going gets rough, their sense of individual responsibility remains their utmost priority – and it is this sense of individual responsibility that makes Berserk’s Guts a model Sagittarius.

During the Golden Age, Guts had a good life: he had good friends he could rely on, was making good money, and had a chance to wield his sword for a worthy cause. But ultimately, he left that all behind, because he needed to figure out what his own purpose for living was. Every Sagittarius can relate to this powerful theme.

Capricorn: Ginko And Blake Belladonna

A split image depicts Ginko in Mushishi and Blake Belladonna in RWBY

Capricorns walk a fine line between calculated proficiency and compassionate intuition. As such, Mushishi’s Ginko is the quintessential Capricorn, as he’s dedicated his life to studying mushi and helping others live amongst them while losing a more “human” appearance. Along with this, Capricorns are comfortable hiking through rugged terrain, as they thrive in natural settings, and Ginko is always trekking through forests and mountains in his bid to protect the environment. With his pursuit of knowledge, his boundless patience, and his unwavering devotion, there is no better fit for a Capricorn than Ginko.

Well, there is one. RWBY’s Blake Belladonna has that sense of Capricorn duty, loyalty, and a true commitment to hard work. She never gives up, no matter how hard a task is, evident by her continuing on her quest to rid the world of Grimm with her friends despite every step of their journey making stopping Salem seem impossible. She’s dedicated her life to becoming a Huntswoman, and even her school being attacked and shut down couldn’t stop her.

Aquarius: Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu admires Shinji

Widely considered to be the flower children of the zodiac world, Aquariuses are dreamers, constantly looking to the future and how they can change it for the better – even if that change comes at a price. With an almost ethereal way about them, it’s obvious Kaworu of Neon Genesis Evangelion represents this sign the best.

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Even though he’s only present in a few episodes, Kaworu’s presence is lasting, with his unique appearance, otherworldly manner, and bizarre way of speaking. At once, he’s both childishly whimsical, and frighteningly radical in his goals. Kaworu is who every Aquarius strives to be – for better, and for worse.

Pisces: Tsukimi Kurashita

Tsukimi visits Clara, her jellyfish friend

Pisces is the zodiac sign that is a little quirky, as they occupy a space between reality and daydreams. They fixate on things intensely and can become pretty impressive artists. Therefore, who else is a better Pisces in anime than Tsukimi, Princess Jellyfish herself?

Tsukimi is somewhat of a recluse, finding comfort in drawing dresses inspired by jellyfish. She’s talented, kind, and has a bright future ahead of her but her Pisces nature makes it difficult for her to reach out beyond her comfort zone, preferring to stay in her room.

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