Which Chris Hemsworth Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?


Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which he started in 2011 after the release of the first Thor. But the actor has played a number of other roles since. Hemsworth typically finds himself in the roles of the attractive side character or the focused military man.

This MCU star has become a fan favorite over the recent years, both as the God of Thunder and as an actor in general. He will again star as Thor in the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder, which will continue the hero’s story after the events of Avengers: Endgame.


Updated on July 4, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: With Hemsworth appearing in four Thor movies in addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe team-ups, he’s become a favorite for action and superhero fans, demonstrating a knack for comedy and drama in equal measure. But heroes and action stars aren’t the only characters he plays, and his range can be seen across his filmography, including the 2022 Netflix original, Spiderhead. There’s something for everyone in Hemsworth’s characters. 

Aries – Kim (Home And Away)

Hemsworth’s breakout role was as Kim Hyde in the Australian soap Home and Away, so it seems fitting that the character would fit as the youngest sign of the zodiac. Aries are often viewed as impulsive and rash decision-makers, but the truth is they’re passionate individuals who prefer action over plans.

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Hemsworth is just that as Kim, a teen who moves to town in his debut in the program, and butts heads with quite a few people, including his own father. Kim tends to jump into relationships without thinking about the consequences, and that places him in sticky situations more than once. Over the course of his appearances, Kim does become more mature, but he still retains his fiery nature.

Taurus – Taylor Rake (Extraction)

Netflix Extraction

Hemsworth had plenty of heroic moments in Extraction as black ops mercenary, Taylor Rake. Taylor is incredibly determined to protect the young man he was hired to safeguard throughout the film, even when things totally stop going according to plan.

Taylor is even offered more money to give up the boy he was meant to save, which he declines. This sense of duty and pure determination to see his task through is very similar to that of a Taurus, who is always reliable.

Gemini – Curt (Cabin In The Woods)

Chris Hemsworth in the basement in Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods does a fantastic job of breaking the mold of a typical horror story in more ways than one. Each of the characters is meant to fill the role of a genre stereotypes: the athlete, the easy one, the fool, the scholar, and the virgin.

Curt was the athlete, but he always showcased that he was incredibly kind and intelligent, unlike many horror movie jocks. This makes Curt very similar to a Gemini, and when the engineers started spreading different things into the air to change the characters’ personalities, Curt becomes more of an aggressive jerk, showcasing another (manufactured) side to him.

Cancer – Eric The Huntsman (Snow White And The Huntsman)

Hemsworth played Eric the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman and in The Huntsman: Winter’s War. The role of the Huntsman in the Snow White story is the perfect personification of the Cancer sign.

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The Huntsman is hired to kill Snow White and place her heart in a box to deliver to the evil queen, who wants to be the fairest in the land. He was swayed by his heart, as the Queen promised to bring his late wife back to life. Eric is rough around the edges but definitely cares about others more than he likes to let on. Cancers easily connect with people as they are very in touch with their emotions.

Leo – Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok

There are some things about Thor that don’t make sense, and while some fans might have thought of him as an Aries because he’s a bit impulsive in the early movies, the truth is, Thor fits best as a Leo. He loves to be the one others turn to, and he’s a natural leader. There is the entire running gag about him knowing he is the most handsome Avenger, that he is the strongest Avenger, and simply not understanding how others don’t see that.

Even in Endgame, when he becomes “fat Thor”, he does so with a classic Leo tantrum; his ego and pride were hurt and so he lost himself to beer and food. Thor is warm-hearted with a great sense of humor and enjoys finding the comedy in life. He is incredibly cheerful and likes to be treated like the god he is.

Virgo – Owen Chase (In The Heart Of The Sea)

Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase in 'In the Heart of the Sea'

Owen Chase was the first mate of the whaler ship, Essex, and was played by Hemsworth in the film In the Heart of the Sea. Chase is incredibly experienced and really strives to do his job properly at every turn.

He is deeply analytical and hard-working, making sure the quality of his work is always at peak performance. This is also why he gets pretty upset when they don’t give him the captain position of Essex but instead, grant it to someone with little experience. Chase’s Virgo commitment and perfectionism mean that he still gets work done on the ship, but he’s not exactly happy about it as his life plan is interrupted.

Libra – Jed Eckert (Red Dawn)

Matt, Robert, and Jed spying on enemies in Red Dawn

Jed is one of the main characters in Red Dawn and the older brother of Matt Eckert. After their town gets invaded, Jed does everything he can to make sure that he protects Matt from the harms of war.

Jed is all about justice and making sure he is diplomatic in his pursuit to save his brother and anyone he can in the town. Though many Libras dislike violence and conflict, Jed knows that sometimes he must face these things in order to protect those he loves.

Scorpio – Billy Lee (Bad Times At The El Royale)

Hemsworth played Billy Lee, the charismatic yet sadistic cult leader in Bad Times at the El Royale. Like a Scorpio, Billy Lee has a true passion for his own cause and is incredibly assertive, things that are necessary to be a great cult leader.

Charles Manson, probably the most famous cult leader in history, was also a Scorpio. Billy Lee manipulates his followers by tugging on their emotions and sexual desires, which is why Rose remains loyal to him, even after he kills her sister.

Ophiuchus – Steve Abnesti (Spiderhead)

Steve Abnesti smiling in Spiderhead.

Though Ophiuchus isn’t recognized as an “official” sign of the zodiac, some enthusiasts like to include it as a lost 13th sign. Falling between Scorpio and Sagittarius, it has traits from both. A Scorpio’s aggressive pursuit of goals and a Sagittarius’ rule-breaking pursuit of their own freedoms are what make Steve one of the smartest characters in Spiderhead.

Steve plays a lot of his cards close to the vest in the Netflix movie, not wanting those prisoners participating in his experiments to have the full story. He’s also got the scholarly interest in his experiments that a Sagittarius, who loves learning, would have. He just doesn’t take the most ethical track in his pursuits.

Sagittarius – James Hunt (Rush)

One of Hemsworth’s best movies not in the MCU is Rush, in which he played the famous British racer, James Hunt. Hunt was a bit brash and egotistical, and had a raging rivalry with fellow racer Niki Lauda, which fueled the fire within him to be the best that he could be.

Hunt is a perfect Sagittarius due to his need for adventure and excitement. He loved being behind the wheel, no matter how dangerous it got. Hunt was impatient and extremely idealistic, which is why he always strived to win, no matter the cost.

Capricorn – George Kirk (Star Trek)

Chris Hemsworth George Kirk Star Trek

Capricorns are extremely determined when it comes to their work ethic, and really enjoy staying true to their responsibilities. George Kirk exemplifies this exceptionally throughout his short time in Star Trek.

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George is the father of James T. Kirk, and while his wife Winona was pregnant with James, they were attacked by an alien spaceship bent on destroying the Kelvin. George was the first officer of the Kelvin and was left to make the decision to pilot it into the enemy ship so that the rest of the crew, his wife, and unborn son may escape with their lives. George is heroic and was dutiful till his last breath.

Aquarius – Agent H (Men In Black: International)

Agent H in Men in Black: International is an excellent example of an Aquarius, as he is a bit of a mystery. He often likes to showcase that he is this proud and amazing agent who seemingly exceeds in everything he does, but there is a lot more to him than even he realizes.

He loves to help people and will strive to solve as many problems as possible. He masks this by claiming he just wants all the glory of being a good agent, but during his adventures with Tessa Thompson’s Agent M, it is revealed that he actually does care about being the best agent he can be, for the sake of the job and others.

Pisces – Kevin (Ghostbusters)

Chris Hemsworth played the pretty, dimwitted secretary in 2016’s Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, not much was uncovered about Kevin’s character other than the fact that he was attractive and not very bright. However, Kevin did convey that he often seems to be living in his own world.

He has some anxiety issues, he likes to have his dog with him, and he seems to generally enjoy spending his time with people. These traits are reminiscent of a Pisces. Kevin cares about the Ghostbusters team, and even though he may not be the best at showing it, he wants this job to work out and tries his best.

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