Why Ben Blaming A Homeless Couple For His Arrest Is Odd


B90’s Ben Rathbun is alleging that he was drugged by a homeless couple, saying it led to his 2020 arrest. Here’s why fans refuse to believe him..

90 Day Fiancé star Benjamin Rathbun is being slammed by fans for claiming that helping a homeless couple caused his September 2020 arrest. 52-year-old Ben visited 22-year-old Mahogany Roca in Peru in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. to see her in person after chatting online for three months. Ben was thrilled to find out that Mahogany wasn’t a catfish, but fans couldn’t get past him wanting to make a woman the age of his daughter his wife. Given his problematic thinking, and behavior that some viewers considered creepy, people weren’t surprised when they read news about Ben being arrested. He was fired from his job recently, and now says his 2020 arrest happened because a homeless couple drugged him.


After news of Ben’s termination from his Director job at the Michigan Lupus Foundation became public, he spoke about why he doesn’t blame the foundation for letting him go. Ben admitted that he hid the details of the crime he committed from his family and workplace. His arrest in March stemmed from a probation violation related to his arrest in September 2020. Back then, Ben was charged with one count of OWAI (operating while ability impaired) and one count of driving while license suspended/revoked/denied. Reality TV star Ben was sentenced to 18 months of probation in January 2021.

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While giving InTouch details about his firing and arrest, Ben recalled that his initial crime occurred after he visited a homeless couple living at a Red Roof Inn and attempted to help them. The couple offered 90 Day Fiancé star Ben “a little plastic cup of wine” which he “stupidly accepted.” When he left the place, he stopped at a hotel for a night and “completely lost the next 24 hours” because the couple had allegedly spiked his drink with flubromazolam. The drug was detected in Ben’s system after he attempted to drive his car the next day and hit the curb, damaging it. Several fans took to Reddit to discuss how they found former pastor Ben’s story too outlandish to believe. Under a thread by user WestCoast_PizzaGhost, fans such as Eloneatz wrote things like, “I give the story a 0.002 % chance of even being possible.

90 Day Fiance Ben Rathbun

TLC viewer dirkules88 posted, “I love how it humbled him to the point of still making time to drop how he helped a poor homeless couple who had it in for him since the beginning…Serpephone added, “He tested positive for benzos-not alcohol. Wow, seems plausible the story is made up and he was partying… 🤷‍♀️” Fans laughed at how nothing was Ben’s fault in his statement. He was debilitated by homeless people who took advantage of his kindness. Commenters think that Ben fabricated his story to look good, and judged him for going on a reality TV show while believing that his past wouldn’t get exposed in one way or another.

Besides, Ben from B90 alleges that his latest arrest happened because the court mailed his summons to the wrong address and he happened to miss it. It’s suspected that Ben was in Peru at that time. because he was spotted with Mahogany at a Lima mall during the same month. Mahogany herself has accused Ben of lying to her and keeping secrets in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which is why fans find it hard to believe the Michigan man. It’s not yet known if Ben’s recent sentencing of 15 days of community service and 24 months of probation has affected his chances of appearing in a new 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, or of flying out of the U.S. Mahogany and Ben’s relationship might have also been affected thanks to his arrest, but it’s not like the upcoming Tell-All will reveal anything, since it was reportedly filmed in January, two months before he was jailed.

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