Why Margaret is Accused of Fueling Cheating Rumors


After Margaret Josephs revealed Bill Aydin’s affair on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans think she’s behind past cheating rumors.

After Margaret Josephs revealed Bill Aydin’s affair on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans think she’s behind past cheating rumors. Margaret stirred the pot on the premiere episode by confronting Jen about her husband’s past affair. Margaret credited her low blow to Jen’s past criticism on her affair with her now-husband Joe Beningo. Margaret found it appropriate to call out Jen for Bill Aydin’s past cheating. Now fans are wondering if Margaret was actually the one behind the season 11 cheating rumors.

Margaret has been open about her cheating past. She and her husband Joe met while she was married to her first husband Jan Josephs. Joe was hired as a contractor but ended up walking away with his future wife. The affair put a strain on Margaret’s relationship with her stepkids and she shared how heartbroken she was over it on the show. Jen has been the most vocal about Margaret’s cheating past and has blasted her numerous times over it. But Margaret finally got her payback on the season 12 premiere by bringing up Bill’s past affair with his pharmaceutical rep.


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An extended first look of episode two shared by Reddit user u/brielieve93 shows Margaret bringing up Bill’s affair to Jen at Teresa’s party. An upset Jen decided to leave the event early in tears. After watching the scene play out, fans started speculating if Margaret was the one who revealed the season 11 cheating rumors about Jackie’s husband Evan Goldschneider. “Hmm. Marge told Jackie about Bill’s affair. Wonder if Marge told anyone else about rumors of someone doing something in the gym, just like Jen said,” one Redditor wrote. “Like my mother always says if they would say it to you, they would say it about you,” added someone else. In season 11, Teresa came under fire after spreading unverified rumors about Evan “doing stuff at the gym” with other women.

Margaret Josephs in RHONJ

Jackie became enraged at Teresa and the two engaged in a season-long feud that only got worse. At the time, Teresa claimed she wasn’t the one who started the rumor, she just shared what she heard. However, she never revealed the name of the person who told her. Now with Margaret being the one to confront Jen about an affair Bill had years ago, it points to the possibility of Margaret being the bone collector of the franchise. Another fan pointed out how Margaret claimed to have “never heard that rumor about Jackie’s husband before Teresa said it yet marge’s husband said he been heard it.” If the producers did a little more digging, things could possibly lead back to Margaret.

Viewers have been calling Margaret out for her low blow at Jen. The Turkish housewife ended up confessing to Bill’s affair that happened while she was pregnant with their son Christian. Margaret clearly hit a nerve that resulted in Jen breaking down in tears once she walked away from the ladies. Later in the season, Margaret confronts Teresa with rumors about her boyfriend, now-fiancé, Luis Ruelas. But Margaret might’ve opened up a can of worms that could come back to bite her. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 just started and Margaret is already becoming the new villain on the franchise.

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Source: u/brielieve93/Reddit

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