Y2K’s Butterfly Prints Are Back in Fashion Again


You’d be hard pressed to name a fashion trend of the beloved early aughts era that hasn’t yet bounced back in 2021. Colorful Y2K-inspired rings are the accessory of the summer, halters and tube tops are again the key to a proper going out ensemble, and celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski just may be able to make low-rise jeans stick. Now, the return of the butterfly print is the latest trend to hit the roster and lets just say, Mariah Carey would be proud.

As unpredictable as fashion trends may be in this digital age (no one saw the undoing of skinny jeans coming), the return of the poppy, fun-loving print actually makes total sense. From pastel checkered prints, to the now reign of the psychedelic motif, slowly coming out on the other side of lockdown means the fashion enthusiast is looking for outfits that feel anything opposite of last year’s line up. Easily translated, it’s the attention-grabbing, unserious attributes of clothes hooking fashion-girls in right now, and is there anything more joy-sparking and light-hearted in fashion than a garment colorfully plastered with one of nature’s most delicate creatures? iLikely sensing the current zeitgeist, recent collections from runway designers haven’t failed to meet the moment, either: Blumarine’s fall 2021 collection was a Y2K dream, chock full of nostalgic references, including crystal-embellished butterfly details to belts, necklaces and bodysuits, all the way through to a butterfly-shaped knit sweater. Meanwhile at Lanvin, the brand’s resort 2022 collection merged a butterfly print with a lace-lined, cami-strapped slip dress – another archetypal 2000s aesthetic.

Out IRL, the biggest trendsetters waste no time hopping on board – Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa both wore butterfly-shaped bodices referential of Mariah Carey’s iconic 2000s Divas Awards top, and Bella Hadid was recently spotted in Paris wearing *that* Blumarine collection, down to the butterfly-stamped belt. Now, if you’ve been wondering how you, too, can get in on the fun (let’s be honest we all have), consider starting with these 12 pieces ahead.

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