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The following article contains spoilers for Blockbuster!Netflix’s newest comedy series, Blockbuster, is finally available to stream. Telling the story of the staff members working at the last standing Blockbuster store, the series showcases the life of retail workers, the intimate bonds between employees, and the fragility of all relationships.

Despite its more profound messages, however, the first season manages to kickstart its heartwarming tale while still maintaining its essence as a comedy, in a manner fans will find similar to Superstore. Even when the episodes deal with heavier matters like family dynamics and adultery, many hilarious quotes keep it lighthearted and amusing from start to end.


“Life Isn’t 21 Jump Street, Timmy!”

Eliza, Episode 1

The pilot episode does a great job at setting the foundation for Blockbuster, making sure to balance its comedy with equal parts of emotion, and this quote from the first episode helps establish that tone.

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When a hurt Eliza chastises Timmy for sharing her private matter with a friend, she lashes out and reminds him life is more than just returning to high school. Despite the tense moment, the manner in which she delivers the line and the spot-on reference make it one of the most hilarious and memorable quotes of the first season.

“Have To Talk To My Parents While They’re Visiting?”

Blockbuster Customer, Episode 4

While the cast of Superstore has moved on to new projects, the sitcom is still adored by fans thanks to the accuracy with which it depicted the retail experience, especially with its customer-centric moments.

So far, Blockbuster has proven to reflect the same appeal, with this quote bringing the same too-forward and genuine customer energy along with the same hilarious charm. Plus, such a sad reaction when Connie is unable to ring the customer up only makes the bleak situation that much more funny.

“I Would Love To See The Other Side Through That Lens.”

Percy, Episode 5

Percy is easily one of the funniest characters on the show so far, with his one-liners being the highlight of many episodes and setting him up to be another one of the funniest male sitcom characters.

This is shown especially through this quote, where he talks about seeing the afterlife through Kermit’s eyes. It’s a throwaway line, spoken mostly to himself before Kayla takes the focus back to the plot, highlighting how effortlessly funny Blockbuster can be, even in the most random and mundane of moments.

“There’s A Simple Explanation: I’m A Coward!”

Percy, Episode 4

Percy’s moments of bluntness and honesty elevate the comedic value of countless scenes in Blockbuster, and he maintains his unintentionally hilarious nature even in the most dramatic of times.

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Such as when Timmy asks him why he approached the eviction situation in such a cowardly manner. Percy’s ability to maintain his comedic essence in such a serious conversation and the way his facial expressions further his amusing words make this quote (and the entire scene) one of the most hilarious moments in the show.

“Olivia Rodrigo’s Unfortunate Cousin?”

Kayla, Episode 2

When Eliza starts playing her daughter’s music in the store, it’s heavily criticized and analyzed by Kayla, the youngest and most unimpressed staff member.

This line from Kayla (preceded by “What the h*** is this?”) not only establishes her unabashedly blunt personality but also emphasizes Blockbuster‘s more forward and relevant approach to comedy, with many other hilarious moments of reference (ie. referring to one of the most touching paranormal romance films, Twilight, as a vampire throuple movie) following suit.

“The Heights They Reached, Despite Their Circumstances.”

Connie, Episode 4

When Eliza scoffs at Timmy using The Boss Baby and The Devil’s Advocate as inspiration for the kind of leader he’d like to be, Connie takes a moment to remind her of how impressive both characters were in those films.

Connie’s line is one of the funniest in the series not just for its sheer absurdity, but also the conviction behind her statement, with her and Timmy genuinely admiring the obscure leader figures, a prime example of situational comedy at its finest.

“It Was Going To Be My Elle Woods Moment.”

Hannah, Episode 8

Legally Blonde is not only one of the best comedy movies written by women, but also a film of empowerment, with Elle Woods becoming a role model for many viewers, including Blockbuster‘s Hannah.

This quote is hilarious for many reasons (namely the reaction it gains from Carlos and how Hannah likens the two experiences) but also thanks to how far Hannah takes her love for the film, even adopting a Chihuahua to complete her look for community college. Plus, it’s another great use of film reference inside the store, the cherry on top for many of Blockbuster‘s jokes.

“Sometimes I Use Lying As A Survival Technique.”

Connie, Episode 9

Connie may be the kind, maternal figure of the store, but she can also be very cutthroat and competitive, such as when she fibs about getting Timmy presents and throws Hannah under the bus for not also doing so.

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She eventually chalks up her lying to being a survival technique, a move that is consistent with her personality and further posits her as one of the most hilarious and relatable characters. Not to mention how her sheepish delivery makes it that much more entertaining.

“But I’m So Glad She’s Getting A Breather.”

Timmy, Episode 6

Timmy is one of the most compassionate characters shown in Blockbuster, shown in scenes like his forgiveness for Percy’s mistakes or when he gives Eliza a Special Guy Day.

However, sometimes his accidental jokes clash heavily with his kind intentions behind the words, the epitome of which is this quote. Timmy’s sincere thankfulness for his old teacher finally getting time off (by getting arrested), makes for one of the funniest moments in the series as he spreads his optimism without once realizing how ridiculous his comment really is.

“I … Confused Hungry Caterpillar With Human Centipede.”

Hannah, Episode 2

Those familiar with both the child-friendly “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the grotesque The Human Centipede will know how vastly distinct they are. Unfortunately for Hannah’s customers, she was not aware of the difference.

Elements such as the nonchalant manner in which she informs Timmy of the mix-up, the ensuing rage from parents, and the fact that she says this right as Percy and Timmy are trying to determine who to fire, all combine to make this the funniest quote in the series, setting high comedic expectations early in the season which Blockbuster continues to meet throughout.

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