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Despite being one of LEGO’s most prominent product lines, Star Wars still has massive untapped potential with its sets featuring iconic ships, locations, and scenes. Envisioned by George Lucas with merchandising and toys in mind, LEGO’s opportunities are near-limitless for set recreations and minifigures. As such, it’s not surprising that there are several elements from various points across the Star Wars timeline that have yet to be immortalized in the form of plastic bricks (but definitely deserve to be).

LEGO’s Star Wars line began in 1999 with sets having been continuously produced ever since. However, not every ship and character has received the LEGO treatment, and it’s unlikely they all will given the immense diversity within the galaxy and LEGO frequently releasing updated versions of preexisting sets. Regardless, here are ten LEGO Star Wars sets that absolutely need to be made in the near future.

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10 Naboo Royal Starship

LEGO Nabo Royal Starfighter

One of the most iconic ships from The Phantom Menace and the Star Wars galaxy overall, Queen Amidala’s Naboo Royal Starship is incredibly deserving of a LEGO set. Used to escape the Trade Federation’s blockade so that the Queen could personally request the aid of the Republic on Coruscant, the all-chrome cruiser would be a very impressive addition to any collection. It could also include unique minifigures such as Naboo handmaids, Captian Panaka, R2-D2 who helped repair the ship in The Phantom Menace, and perhaps even Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul who had their first duel as the ship took off from the planet Tatooine.

9 Duel Of The Fates Diorama

Darth Maul in LEGO Star Wars

Although Darth Maul’s duel with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace was already been made as a smaller-scale LEGO set back in 2017, “Duel on Naboo” should be redone as a more detailed diorama. A fairly new addition to the Star Wars line primarily for adult collectors, LEGO dioramas focus more on display and less on playability. As such, Star Wars’ defining “Duel of the Fates” is certainly worth its own diorama LEGO set.

8 Geonosis Arena

Geonosis Arena in LEGO Star Wars

It’s no secret that Attack of the Clones could use more LEGO love. One set that’s long been hoped for is inspired by the arena on Geonosis where Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padmé were set to be executed by monstrous creatures. However, Mace Windu and a collection of Jedi Knights arrived to save the day, preceding Yoda’s arrival with the new clone army. Here’s a custom version designed by @brickwizard59:

This set could also feature Count Dooku alongside Jango and young Boba Fett in a viewing area. Regardless, it’s quite surprising that a Geonosis arena LEGO set hasn’t been made in the 21 years since Attack of the Clones.

7 Jedi Temple

The sunsets behind the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a small ship flies towards it

A major location in the prequel trilogy of Star Wars movies, the Jedi Temple would be a very dynamic LEGO set, though likely not one that would be sized to minifigures due to the massive scale that would be needed. Instead, a Jedi Temple LEGO set could be more midi-scaled similar to LEGO’s Architecture line. However, it would be fun if the set also featured a minifigure displayed on the side, perhaps a Jedi Temple Guard with their unique helmets, white robes, and yellow lightsabers. Here’s a custom version posted by

u/ZeRadman on Reddit:

6 The Republic Senate Chamber

Senate In LEGO Star Wars

Another iconic prequel trilogy location, a LEGO Republic Senate Chamber would be quite impressive. A massive audience chamber where hundreds of worlds were represented, the Senate Chamber was the site in which the newly christened Emperor Palpatine dueled Yoda in Revenge of the Sith. As such, a LEGO set depicting this scene would need to be quite large, likely falling under the Ultimate Collector Series banner. However, it could possibly be another LEGO diorama in which Palpatine and Yoda are dueling on the center platform with forced-perspective techniques and smaller bricks being used to make the repulsor pods seem further away, surrounding the powerful Sith Lord and Jedi Grandmaster.

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5 The Fondor (Luthen Rael’s Ship)

Luthen’s Ship in Andor Episode 11

A newer addition to the Star Wars canon, Andor only had a single LEGO set released in 2022. Entitled “Ambush on Ferrix”, the set featured Cassian Andor and his new Rebel contact Luthen Rael as they fled a Corporate Sector officer and their Mobile Tac-Pod. However, the series revealed that Luthen owns one of the most impressive ships in the entire galaxy. Known as The Fondor, the custom haulcraft features all sorts of countermeasures perfect for evading the Empire. As such, it’s a tragedy that The Fondor has yet to receive the LEGO treatment (though fingers are crossed for Andor season 2). Here’s an epic custom version from @2bricks_official:

4 Tantive IV Hallway

Lego Darth Vader Rogue One Hallway

As seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Darth Vader boarded the capital ship known as The Profundity to retrieve the Death Star plans that had just been sent to the Rebels from Scarif. Despite mowing through an entire squadron of soldiers, Darth Vader was unable to claim his prize before the plans were taken to Tantive IV, Princess Leia’s ship seen at the beginning of a New Hope. As such, LEGO should release a set that is effectively two scenes in one with a new hallway set.

Mirroring the “Dark Trooper Attack”set depicting Luke Skywalker’s own hallway battle as seen in The Mandalorian, this proposed LEGO set could come with Darth Vader, 2 Rebel soldiers, and 2 Stormtrooper minifigures. This would allow collectors to display Vader’s most iconic moment from Rogue One. Conversely, they could also depict the very first scene in Star Wars with the Empire boarding Tantive IV to retrieve the Death Star plans.

3 Exegol Duel Diorama

LEGO Rey and Kylo on Exegol

There were a total of 11 different LEGO Star Wars released from The Rise of Skywalker. However, all but one of them were based on ships with the exception being a brick-built version of D-O, the droid that once belonged to the Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon. As such, a LEGO set depicting Rey and a redeemed Ben Solo joining forces against the resurrected Palpatine would be very exciting indeed. The robotic apparatus keeping Palpatine mobile in the final chapter of the Skywalker saga is more than enough to warrant the scene one day receiving the LEGO treatment.

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2 The Mantis

The Mantis on Shattered Moon in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

First belonging to the multi-armed Latero named Greez Dritus, The Stinger Mantis was later given to Jedi survivor Cal Kestis so that he could continue his mission trying to rid the galaxy of the Empire, as seen in EA and Respawn’s Jedi videogame series. Appearing to be nothing more than a simple luxury yacht, The Mantis is deceptively capable of evading the Empire while being rather unique in its design. Seeing as how LEGO has already released a set of Cal’s droid BD-1, perhaps his ship is on the way. Here is a custom version of The Mantis that’s also been made and posted by @2bricks_official:

1 High Republic Jedi Vector

Jedi Vectors in the Star Wars High Republic era.

LEGO should also start considering the new time period Lucasfilm has been developing known as the High Republic. Set hundreds of years before The Phantom Menace, the galaxy was a much different place with unique precursors to the Republic and Jedi Order seen in the prequels. Initially, it may seem strange for LEGO to be thinking about an era that has only been covered in canonical books and comics thus far. However, the upcoming Acolyte series will be set during the High Republic.

High Republic ships such as the amazing Jedi Vector starfighter should get turned into LEGO Star Wars sets, especially if they’re featured in the new show. Piloted exclusively by the Jedi Order, Vectors were incredibly maneuverable and powered through the Force itself, becoming an extension of a Jedi’s will just like their lightsaber (which were used as keys for the Vectors). As such, they’d be a very exciting addition to any collection, looking to be a very early precursor to the more classic X-Wing.


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