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Weapons are scattered all throughout Dead Island 2 for players to find through exploration, killing Zombies, or completing quests. Like many other games, the weapons have different classes and can be modified and upgraded to improve their power and other stats.

However, even though there’s the option to customize weapons to a player’s liking, knowing which base to start with can be critical, especially with the Dead Island 2 durability mechanics and limited inventory space. With all the various ranged and melee weapons available, a few do stand out above the rest.

5 Emma’s Wrath

Emma's Wrath weapon in Dead Island 2

Emma’s Wrath is a Bulldozer-style Legendary Sledgehammer weapon that is gifted upon completing the main storyline of Dead Island 2 and entering exploration mode. It is by no means the fastest weapon in the game, but it’s got a wide swing and deals large amounts of damage, making it easier to take on a couple of Zombies at a time. However, it’s definitely not recommended if facing large groups of Zombies, as players are likely to take large amounts of damage in exchange for the weapon’s slow attack speed.

Since it’s a Legendary weapon, it will come with some locked-in upgrades that can’t be swapped out as they are just features of that particular weapon. The Mod that comes on this weapon is the Superior Melee Impactor Mod, which gives significant Physical Damage and Force boosts. In addition to the Mod are two fixed Perks: Overkill and Shockwave, both of which are designed to give off a little bit more of an explosion to help make up for the slower attack speed and take out some extra Zombies nearby.

4 Krakatoa

Krakatoa Weapon in Dead Island 2

Aside from having a cool aesthetic and appropriate name, Krakatoa is another great weapon for players to get their hands on as soon as possible. Additionally, it’s one of the few Legendary weapons that can be grabbed before finishing the game. Once reaching the Serling Hotel in the Ocean Avenue area of Dead Island 2, Missing Person quests will become available. The quest that rewards Krakatoa is Missing: Steve, which requires tracking down Steve in Beverly Hills, who is thankfully alive, and killing a couple of specific Zombies for him.

Krakatoa is a Maiming Legendary weapon that comes equipped with the Superior Melee Cremator Mod, which converts this weapon to inflict Fire Damage. Its fixed perks are Tear N’ Sear and Reaper, which are perfectly designed to pair with the weapon’s other features. Tear N’ Sear creates a pool of burning fuel under Zombies when maimed, and Reaper is primed by Igniting Zombies, which the Mod can do, and allows Heavy Attacks to cause extra Fire and Limb damage that is stackable. All of these fixed components make Krakatoa a Fire Damage killing machine.

3 Brutalizer

Brutalizer Weapon in dead Island 2

Brutalizer is also a Maiming Legendary weapon but, unfortunately, isn’t available until post-game. Fitting to its interesting design, it’s given as a reward for completing the Body Art side quest, which is started by speaking to Francesca at the red house in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, Brutalizer is only received after completing six different missions for her in which she will need specific limbs of different Dead Island 2 Zombie types. Despite that this quest can technically be started before the end of the game, the last mission of it won’t become available until after the main storyline is completed.

Brutalizer is fixed with the Superior Melee Mutilator Mod, which applies a significant Physical Damage boost and gives Zombies a Weakened status when hit in quick succession. The two associated Perks are Bloodlust and Contagious. Bloodlust increases limb damage and the weakened status effect when Zombies are hit in quick succession, which can be stacked on top of the Mod’s benefits. Contagious allows heavy attacks to spread status effects to nearby zombies, meaning that weakening nearby Zombies can be accomplished without even touching them.

2 Blood Rage

Blood Rage Weapon in Dead Island 2

Blood Rage is a Headhunter Legendary weapon that is an excellent choice for those looking to get up close to appreciate Dead Island 2‘s stunning gore graphics in all their glory. Blood Rage is acquired through completing the Fool’s Gold quest, which takes place near the pier of Venice Beach. It’s one of the many Lost & Found Weapon quests, which means it will track down various clues to unlock a special weapon. To trigger Fool’s Gold, finish off the Crusher, Dante, at the Lifeguard HQ on the beach. He will drop the first clue, which will lead to the next and eventually to the location of Blood Rage.

Blood Rage is equipped with the Superior Melee Puncturator Mod, which allows this weapon to inflict Bleed damage. Its perks are Puncture Wound and Infectious, which, when combined with the weapon’s Mod, will create massive amounts of Bleed damage and allow that to be spread to nearby Zombies. Also, as a headhunter weapon, targeting an enemy’s head will land Critical Hits. This weapon is unmatched when it comes to engaging Zombies one on one in quick succession, as it can often kill with one direct hit; however, since it requires such proximity to use, a ranged weapon of similar power tops it.

1 Bodycount

Bodycount weapon in Dead Island 2

Bodycount is a rapid-fire Legendary Rifle that most players have regarded as the best weapon in Dead Island 2. Aside from its impressive power, it works for those looking to take out zombies individually or at a time. Luckily, even though this weapon isn’t available until late-game, players won’t have to wait until post-game to find it. First, find the Zombie named Lt. Ford in the Military Barracks of Venice Beach, who will drop the first clue of the [Redacted] quest. Then, follow each subsequent clue to eventually discover a shipping container that holds Bodycount.

Bodycount has the Ranged version of the Superior Puncturator Mod, which gives it the same ability to inflict Bleed damage as the Melee version. With its associated Perks, Exit Wound, and Bloodthirsty, it can spread the Bleed damage to nearby zombies and gain a boost to Damage and Fury. This weapon is unstoppable as it is, but with the additional two Perk slots, players can make this a truly customized work of art. This weapon deserves a spot reserved for it in every Dead Island 2 weapon inventory.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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