5 Reasons Simon and Daphne Are Soulmates (& 5 Why They Are Toxic)


People everywhere can’t get enough of the Bridgerton series on Netflix. The over-the-top Regency-era drama might be campy, but it’s also a lot of fun. The ins and outs of London’s high society have fans addicted, and the backdrops and costumes are stunning. More than that, the love story between Daphne and Simon is what had fans tuned into their screens.

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As the first season was focused on the love story between Daphne Bridgeton and Simon Bassett, fans have many opinions on their union. There has been a lot of discussion about the toxic elements of their relationship, but there are also reasons why these two are good together and why they work well. From memorable quotes to moments of passion, Daphne and Simon’s love story is one for the ages.


Updated on March 12th, 2o22, by Lynn Gibbs: Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett’s love story was one of the most intriguing storylines in season 1 of Bridgerton. Although the two were friends at the start, the passion between them became too much to bear. They gave in to their urges and became an official couple, even though Simon’s issues with commitment were at the forefront of their union. While fans loved their relationship in the series, their bond wasn’t perfect. The two had toxic traits that affected their relationship negatively, despite all the love they had for one another. 

Daphne & Simon Were Toxic Because

There Was A Power Struggle Between Them

Any romantic relationship set in this world is going to be rather fraught given the gender dynamics and disparity. While the series was right to update the story with a nearly race-blind narrative, it still has the same sexist elements that are somewhat accurate to history.

With that being said, there’s always going to be the fact that Simon has a lot more power and say than Daphne does. The toxicity in this dynamic was simply due to the time period they were in and Simon’s rank and title.

Simon Lied To Her About Why He Didn’t Want Kids

One of the biggest issues with their relationship is that it’s based at first on lies and secrets. Neither one of them is very open with the other about what they truly want as their arrangement is fake at first. Once they become a real, swoon-worthy couple on Bridgerton, the idea of scaring the other way with their true thoughts was too much.

Then, when Simon tells Daphne that he can’t have kids, he doesn’t tell her the truth. He makes it sound like he physically can’t have them and doesn’t open up about the vow he made to his father.

Simon Wasn’t As Open With Her About Sexuality As He Should Have Been

Another troubling problem between these two has a lot to do with their society as a whole but also with them as a couple. Because they aren’t actually courting at first, Simon does divulge some information about sex that would normally be considered very improper for a man to tell a woman.

However, given how experienced he was, he became a frustrated character to fans when he didn’t talk more to her about sex after they were married and before they actually did the deed. By the end of the series, Daphne had just realized how babies were actually made — something that Simon, and even her mother, kept from her.

Their Entire Relationship Was Built On Miscommunication

Bridgerton falls into one of the pitfalls that many romantic stories find themselves in. It’s the trope that involves one miscommunication ruining a relationship. The truth is that if Daphne and Simon had a couple of honest discussions about their feelings for one another, so much drama could have been avoided. However, what came from these moments were some of the best quotes about their love.

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While it might be fun to watch this drama play out, a relationship where a character can’t be open about their feelings isn’t really a healthy one.

Daphne Assaulted Simon

Bridgerton Simon Daphne

The worst and most toxic thing that happens in this relationship is when Daphne forces Simon to try to get her pregnant without his consent. Although they were married and loved each other, this is assault. The only reason it’s not worse is that Daphne has such little understanding about sex and consent in the first place, it gets a bit complicated.

However, this scene was still disturbing because even though Simon told her to get off of him she didn’t. It would be much better if she at least acknowledged that she was wrong, but she instead waited to see if she was pregnant and kept her distance from him. Simon’s desire to be childless was one of the saddest parts of Simon’s character. His childhood haunted him and Daphne ignored it.

Daphne & Simon Were Soulmates Because

They Were Physically Attracted To One Another

bridgerton daphne and simon kiss

While there were some moments where Bridgerton seemed like other period pieces such as Pride and Prejudice, it had a much more modern take when it came to sexuality.

Episode 6 shocked and delighted fans because it was very explicit and had a lot of truly steamy scenes. If there’s one thing that Daphne and Simon have going for them it’s that they are physically into one another.

They Were Intellectual Equals

For women like Daphne and many others in the series, life could be quite frustrating. Although these women were intelligent and capable, they weren’t really viewed as equals to men in this way or in any other.

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However, Simon did see Daphne as someone who was intelligent and on his level when it came to conversation. Despite the stunning outfits and manners, Daphne proved to Simon she was more than a pretty face. They were able to verbally spar and joke around with one another in a way that was fulfilling to both of them.

They Were Willing To Give Up A Lot To Be Together

The circumstances in which Simon and Daphne agree to be married are rather unfortunate. Because Anthony catches them kissing in the garden, this secret could get out to society and ruin the family name. They then must marry to protect Daphne’s honor.

In doing so, they both give up things that they want at first, but, in the end, they are both willing to do this because they really do love one another.

They Finally Learned How To Open Up To One Another

Simon and Daphne at Gunter's Tea Shop in Bridgerton

While Daphne and Simon struggled at first to tell each other the truth—even after they were married–they finally figured it out. When they got through the lust of their new relationship, Daphne and Simon fought more because they started opening up to each other.

Hopefully, in season 2, fans will see these two have a much more fulfilling and emotionally honest relationship, even if season 2 won’t center on their story.

They Made The Best Of The Society And Situation They Lived In

Daphne and Simon's Wedding in Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 5 _The Duke and I_

There are a lot of toxic elements of this pairing, but most of the problems between them seem to stem from living in such a repressive, controlling society that was so sexist and moralistic about sex and relationships.

They weren’t perfect and some errors were immense. However, they did the best that they could. They were two of the best characters in the series and fans will miss seeing their relationship play out in season 2.

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