8 Most Shocking Moments From Ginny & Georgia Season 2


Following a successful first season full of twists and turns, Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 2 upped the surprise factor with 8 shocking moments, including a major season finale cliffhanger. Ginny & Georgia season 2 picked up shortly after the season 1 finale, in which Ginny and Austin rode away on Marcus’s motorcycle, and ended up at Zion’s place in Boston. The popular Netflix show has tested the relationship between mother and daughter and a host of supporting characters, making for a truly shocking and thrilling sophomore season.


Ginny & Georgia season 1 was a hit with Netflix viewership numbers, though its reviews were mixed, with many (including the writers themselves) comparing it to Gilmore Girls. Viral clips on Twitter and a Taylor Swift joke controversy seemed to only add to the popularity of Ginny & Georgia, earning it a renewal from Netflix shortly after season 1 aired. There is no news yet about season 3, but Ginny & Georgia season 2 received high viewership, potentially in part due to all the shocking moments and storylines that made viewers tune in for all 10 episodes.

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Ginny’s Parents Find Out About Her Self-Harming

Georgia Comforting Ginny In A Hug In Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

In Ginny & Georgia season 1, it was revealed that Ginny committed self-harm, but Marcus was the only character who was aware, and there wasn’t much discussion of it. In season 2, both her parents learn of Ginny’s self-harm in different, but equally heartbreaking ways. While Ginny & Georgia may have a race problem, season 2 has been praised for its depiction of mental health and self-harm in particular, with Ginny starting therapy and learning coping mechanisms to keep her from self-harming. It’s a major storyline in season 2 and Georgia’s surprise, accidental discovery in episode 6 is one of the most emotional scenes in the series.

Cynthia & Joe Hook Up

Cynthia Shocked After Kissing Joe In Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

Ginny & Georgia has had its fair share of hookups, breakups, and makeups, but none have been as shocking as the short-lived sexual relationship between Cynthia and Joe in season 2. Cynthia had a much different role this season, almost appearing to be a completely different person at times, as she struggled with her husband being in hospice. This hookup was even stranger considering Cynthia and Georgia border on frenemies at best and season 2 proved Georgia and Joe belong together. However, the unexpected hookup was a catalyst for an important and necessary conversation between Georgia and Joe.

Marcus & Ginny Break Up

Marcus Resting His Head On Ginny At School Musical In Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

Ginny wasn’t the only character whose mental health was explored in Ginny & Georgia season 2. While Marcus managed to escape from his motorcycle accident in season 1 with a concussion and minor injuries and became more sociable in season 2 through his relationship with Ginny, he also struggled with depression that led to substance abuse. This put a strain on his relationship with Ginny who, while eavesdropping, misunderstood what Marcus had told Max about being in a relationship and assumed Marcus didn’t want to be with her.

There were multiple instances in which Ginny & Georgia season 2 put a twist on a season 1 moment, with one example coming through Ginny and Marcus’s breakup. Season 1 left Ginny heartbroken in the hallway during the school musical when Hunter found out she cheated on him with Marcus and Marcus subsequently said it was a mistake. In season 2, Ginny and Marcus found themselves in the hallway during the musical once again, this time ending their own relationship in a tearful scene.

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Gil Is Out Of Prison & In Wellsbury

Aaron Ashmore As Gil In Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

In the Ginny & Georgia series premiere on Netflix, Georgia revealed two key facts about her past to Ellen: her son Austin’s dad, Gil, was in prison for fraud, but he was framed, and she was the one who framed him. Aaron Ashmore joined the cast of Ginny & Georgia in season 2 when Gil, who had been believed to still be in prison, shockingly showed up at Austin’s school at the end of episode 5. Viewers learned more about Gil and Georgia’s relationship through flashbacks, and it soon became very clear why she had wanted to keep Gil from Austin in the first place.

Georgia Tells Paul (Almost) Everything

Paul Randolph Shocked In Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

Another major part of Ginny & Georgia season 2 was the planning for Georgia and Paul’s wedding that took place in the season finale. However, the wedding almost didn’t happen, with Georgia having prepared to cut and run as she always did when things got difficult or dangerous. It was Ginny that convinced her to tell Paul the truth about her past and what happened with Gil, though there’s a lot Paul still doesn’t know after season 2 because Georgia conveniently left out the three murders she committed.

Just when it seemed as though Paul was done with Georgia for good — after all, she did admit to embezzling from his office and keeping an extra gun in the house after promising she had gotten rid of them — Paul once again proved himself to be just the kind of stable and supportive man Georgia needs. Gil might be trying to get custody of Austin in Ginny & Georgia season 3, but Paul has good lawyers ready to fight for his stepson. Despite sticking beside her, the most shocking moment in the season 2 finale might just change some of Paul’s opinions on his new wife.

Austin Shoots Gil

Ginny, Georgia, And Austin Shocked Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

While Gil came to Wellsbury to repair his relationship with the youngest Ginny & Georgia character, his nine-year-old son Austin, he also came to blackmail Georgia and get the money he believed she owed him for framing him. Gil violently confronted Georgia while Ginny and Austin were upstairs. Georgia having guns in the home was a controversial topic across the two seasons, but it came in handy in episode 9 when Austin shot Gil in the arm.

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Austin, like Ginny, found Georgia’s gun while snooping around in her closet. Seeing his mother in danger, he pulled the trigger, though luckily with little consequence, leaving just a flesh wound that Georgia was able to stitch up with her sewing kit. It was this incident that led to Georgia eventually telling the truth to Paul. In a strange way, the shooting brought them all closer together as a family.

Georgia Kills Tom

Cynthia Sitting By Tom In His Hospice Bed In Ginny & Georgia Season 2.jpg

Georgia’s decision to kill Tom is the dumbest one she’s made thus far and was definitely one of the most shocking moments in Ginny & Georgia season 2. Up until this point, Georgia had only killed her ex-husbands. First, there was Anthony, her older, creepy first husband, whom she accidentally killed with pills while just trying to put him to sleep. Then, there was Kenny, which led private investigator Gabriel/Jesse to Wellsbury to try and prove Georgia guilty. However, Georgia had bested him with her coverup of both crimes, which made this seemingly rash decision even dumber.

For Georgia, she was returning a favor for Cynthia, who had blacklisted Gil to all the realtors in Wellsbury to keep him away from her and Austin. In killing Tom, Georgia felt she was both freeing him from his pain and helping Cynthia and Zach start to move on. This made Ginny & Georgia season 2, episode 9 a story full of twists and shocking reveals. Unbeknownst to Georgia, Austin had witnessed the entire thing, making it even worse.

Georgia Gets Arrested

Georgia Randolph Mugshot In Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Finale.jpg

Ginny & Georgia season 2 saved the best for last, with the most shocking moment of the entire series coming in the final minutes of the season 2 finale. Just as it appeared to viewers and Georgia that she’d finally gotten her happy ending in marrying Paul, it wasn’t her checkered past that came to haunt her, but the mercy killing she had committed the episode prior. Right on the dance floor in front of all of her friends and family, Georgia Miller was arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller, the one crime she believed no one else knew of.

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Saying that the cliffhanger ending of Ginny & Georgia season 2 was shocking is a bit of an understatement. Viewers barely had time to process the fact that Georgia had killed Tom, let alone that it would be her downfall after years and years of evading consequences. The moment turned heartbreaking as Austin, the lone witness of the murder, told Ginny he hadn’t told anyone what happened and tried to run after the cop car that was taking his mother away. This shocker has left a lot of potential for a season 3 should Netflix renew Ginny & Georgia, as seems like by virtue of season 2’s cliffhanger ending.

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