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Season 2 of the Apple+ comedy, Acapulco, is underway, and the stakes are even higher. Maximo has a new love interest and things at home aren’t so rosy. Meanwhile, at the Los Colinas Resort, there is still plenty of fun and laughter as usual.

There’s plenty to like about the series, from the extremely likable characters to the colorful resort and tropical settings. But one thing that’s always guaranteed to entertain viewers is the dialogue. So, what are some of the show’s best quotes, so far?


“Enjoy Being Just Another Cog In The Wheel Of Capitalism.”


Sara smiles at Maximo in Acapulco

While narrating his story to Hugo, Maximo recalls what his sister used to tell him every day before he left for work. And she didn’t always use the most encouraging words.

As likable as Sara is, she enjoys being mean to her brother. Her views are quite rigid too, hence the reason she sees her brother’s decision to work for major companies as a misguided one. To her, it’s better to do odd jobs that don’t involve making wealthy people even wealthier.

“Anything He Has Comes Straight From The Devil’s Lair.”


Nora sits at the table in Acapulco

When Maximo sees Don Pablo driving a nice car and expresses his desire to be like him, she warns him about it. To her, Don Pablo isn’t a good man, hence there is nothing to admire about him.

It’s a quote that points to how religious Nora is. Given the rumors she has heard about immoral tourists at Las Colinas, she comes up with the conclusion that all of Don Pablo’s money is dirty. It’s the kind of concern that makes Nora one of the best TV moms, but as the series progresses, it’s proven that the Don is a very humble and caring person.

“My Friend Marlon Brando Makes The Same Joke About Me.”


Beto makes a joke about Marlon Brando in Acapulco

Passing by the head bartender, Beto, Chad jokes how most of his stories about celebrities aren’t always true. Beto agrees, saying that Marlon Brando always accuses him of the same thing too.

It’s not only a cool pop culture reference but also a remake that shows how easy-going Beto is. Even after being accused of being a liar, he adds another lie about an imaginary friendship with one of the greatest Hollywood actors, making the whole situation a light rather than a tense one.

“Sometimes Things Have To Break Apart For Them To Come Back Together.”


Gabriela Milla & Enrique Arrizon in Acapulco 203

When Maximo learns that his mother might lose the family home because of a lack of funds, he becomes devastated. Still, he remains strong, hopeful that things will change.

Apart from his hard work, Maximo’s optimism is what eventually drives him to get the best out of life. Whether it’s seeing the woman he loves with another man or failing to get what he wants, he never sinks into despair.

“Should I Teach You My Ways? No!”

Hector The Protector

Maximo asks Hector for advice in Acapulco

After learning that Hector is very popular with Las Colinas tourists, Maximo tries to get him to teach him his ways. But Hector declines.

One can understand Hector’s refusal since giving another person his playbook means inviting competition. But even though Hector refuses to be of help to young Maximo, it’s eventually proven that the stars were always aligned for him and soon, he becomes even more popular than Hector.

“It Only Works In Mexico. The Dollar Is Stronger Down Here.”


Maximo stands in front of the resort in Acapulco

In order to impress a group of tourists, Maximo shows them a magic trick using a U.S. dollar. He then finishes with a joke, claiming the trick only works in Mexico because a dollar can do more in the country.

Acapulco isn’t one of the greatest comedy shows yet but quotes like this put it on the path to becoming one. Here, he makes fun of the strength of his country’s currency while trying to impress a couple of tourists in the process. As such, he endears himself to them, making them their go-to employee instead of Hector The Protector.

“Will The Owner Of The Whitest A** In Mexico Please Come To The Front Desk.”


Chord Oversteet in Acapulco

As Chad is having lunch with the rest of the employees, an accouchement is made via the loudspeakers for him to come to the front desk. And the announcer remembers to make fun of him while it, causing the rest of the employees to bursts out in laughter.

On the show, Las Colinas is portrayed as one of the best places to work, and it’s easy to see why. Even bosses can be roped into jokes and pranks without any repercussions Moreover, the tourists are extremely friendly too, creating an all-around fun atmosphere.

“I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Anywhere. My Family Just Has The One Chair.”


Gullermo and Maximo sit in a training session in Acapulco

While waiting for their names to be called during one of the training sessions, Maximo says he can’t believe he is sitting at Las Colinas. As for his best friend Gullermo, he confesses that he can’t believe he is actually sitting.

Gullermo is clearly exaggerating by saying he has never sat in his life, but his words are a reflection of the living conditions for some people living in Acapulco. Watching him and Maximo rise to riches as the show progresses is thus very inspirational.

“Well, You Should Hear Me Say Radio Telescope, Or Styrofoam, Or Eczema.”

Hector The Protector

Hector brags to Maximo in Acapulco

When Hector shows Maximo one of the world’s best ophthalmologists, who has just arrived at the resort. Maximo is impressed with Hector’s English, especially how he said ‘ophthalmologist.’ Upon hearing that, Hector goes on to flex his pronunciation skills by listing many other English words.

Always a peacock, Maximo never misses an opportunity to show off and Maximo isn’t the only one that is amused when he pronounces the words. The manner in which Hector puts emphasis on the vowels in each word no doubt leaves viewers totally impressed too.

“A Pay Phone. It’s Like A Smart Phone That’s Glued To The Wall That You Put Coins In.”


Hugo and Maximo embrace in Acapulco

As an older Maximo is narrating his story, he mentions how he once tried to call home using a payphone during an emergency. Hugo doesn’t understand what a pay phone is, so he tries his best to explain.

Setting Acapulco in the ‘80s and having an older Maximo narrate the events to Hugo is what makes it one of the best Apple TV+ shows. However, Maximo sometimes forgets to explain some things to him the boy. And whenever he does offer an explanation, it comes out as rather unsatisfactory and chucklesome. Here, Hugo finds it hard to understand why people would put coins on phones.

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