August Getty’s Inclusive TINITUS Digital Couture Collection


While Paris Haute Couture Week has been a celebration of fashion and a return to runway gatherings thus far, designer August Getty (he/him/she/her) has gone beyond, creating a digital universe to introduce us to TINITUS. Getty, who came out as nonbinary during the pandemic, wanted to present an all-inclusive collection that spoke to his own journey and personal transformation, but was also for everyone.

“One garment might not necessarily speak to everybody, but a collection with a variety of garments definitely can,” August told POPSUGAR of the 15-piece, hand-crafted line, continuing, “A collection that speaks to everyone needs to be relatable since it’s a form of self-expression, and it needs to make you feel universal emotions. TINITUS portrays a modern tale of self-acceptance and transformation — where the dark turns to light.”

As soon as you arrive at the landing page on, you’re definitely entranced; overwhelmed with wonder about what wearing these clothes could potentially make you feel, and even who you could become in them. Getty tapped an incredible cast of models to bring this sentiment to life, including his sister-in-law, trans icon, actress, and model Gigi Gorgeous Getty. Fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth was behind the camera to capture the diversity in the magical campaign, which you can experience in full after our interview. Scroll to see how Getty conjures up real life experiences and emotions through Couture. “Whether it has been guilt, anxiety, or depression, hopefully you can relate to the garments and see yourself in them,” he said.

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Originally posted 2021-07-10 06:56:18.

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