Criminal Minds Reboot BTS Video Teases BAU’s New Jet


A brand new Criminal Minds behind-the-scenes video teases the BAU’s brand new jet after their old one got destroyed in the original series finale.

The BAU’s brand new jet is teased in a Criminal Minds reboot behind-the-scenes video. Paramount+ didn’t waste time bringing back the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit on the small screen after the team wrapped up its 15-season-run on CBS. Following a couple of hurdles getting the revival off the ground, the 10-episode Criminal Minds revival is now scheduled for a two-episode special premiere this Thanksgiving.

Officially titled Criminal Minds: Evolution, the project is more of a continuation of the CBS series. In a way, despite a couple of changes, including a different format and darker storytelling, it’s essentially season 16 of the hit police procedural. This means that to maintain continuity, the Criminal Minds revival needs to honor what happened in the series finale, which featured the destruction of the BAU’s iconic jet. As the profilers work to take down a network of UnSubs, led by new character Elias Voit (Zach Gilford), instituted at the height of the pandemic, they need a new mode of transportation for Criminal Minds: Evolution.


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In light of Criminal Minds: Evolution nearing release, series star Joe Mantegna shared a new set video that teases the reveal of the BAU’s fresh jet. The clip doesn’t really show the finished interior of the plane, making its reveal more interesting. Long-time fans of Criminal Minds know how important the team’s jet is to their cases, so it’s exciting to see them get a new one in the revival. Check out the clip below:

What BAU’s New Jet Means For Criminal Minds: Evolution

Paramount+ recently revealed the first Criminal Minds: Evolution trailer. The two-minute clip effectively sets up the premise for the show, which seems darker and more twisted than anything that the team has ever handled before. That being said, since the profilers are only dealing with one case, it’s unclear how much their new jet will be utilized in the revival. In the CBS run of Criminal Minds, the plane allows the team to quickly travel to various states for their weekly cases. This time, the BAU doesn’t have that, but because they are dealing with a network of UnSubs, they still have to go around the country quite a bit, making their plane as important as ever.

Despite being a continuation of the CBS show, a considerable amount of time has passed between the Criminal Minds series finale and the revival. Some members of the team have even left the service, with the new case only prompting their return. Given this, it’s curious who has been using the jet while many of the original profilers venture out of their usual work. Whatever the case may be, it’s an understatement to say that it will be very exciting to see them all back on their FBI-commissioned aircraft.

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