Cyclops’ Son Just Unleashed His Very Own Wolverine Claws


Warning: contains spoilers for X-Men Red #8The time-traveling son of Jean Grey and Cyclops, the mutant hero known as Cable, just showcased an epic Wolverine-inspired power upgrade in the pages of X-Men Red #8, gaining some truly awesome techno-organic claws.

Cable, born Nathan Summers, has one of the most complicated and retconned character histories in all Marvel Comics, mainly because he was raised in the future and utilizes time travel technology, meaning he is constantly traveling throughout the time stream. After Nathan was born, quickly becoming an iconic member of the 90s X-Men franchise, he was infected with the dangerous techno-organic virus, a disease which would have killed him if not for his immensely powerful telekinetic mutant ability. However, during the Krakoan Era, he is more able than ever to use his techno-organic virus to his advantage.


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X-Men Red #8 – written by Al Ewing and drawn by Madibek Musabekov and Federico Blee – is the first issue of the acclaimed series to take place after the tumultuous Judgment Day event, and it is dealing with the fallout of Cable and Wiz Kid discovering the true depths of Abigail Brand’s betrayal of mutantkind. After Brand, alongside Cable, was brutally slaughtered by Uranos in his attack on Arakko, the technologically savvy Wiz Kid was able to remote view Brand’s hidden documentation while she was reviewing them post-resurrection. This is how Takeshi and Nate were able to discover that not only has Abigail betrayed Krakoa by working directly with ORCHIS, but that she was behind the attack on Majestrix Xandra by Orbis Stellaris, who she has been partnering with behind the scenes. X-Men Red #8, which follows Cable alongside Wiz Kid, Manifold, Khora of the Burning Heart, Weaponless Zsen, and Thunderbird as they sneak onto the World Farm to discover Brand’s secret machinations, gives some fascinating context and details to Cable’s powerful techno-organic virus, going so far as to show that he is able to create epic Wolverine-style claws with his futuristic arm.

Cable Is Officially Part Of The “Snikt” Family

cyclops son cable wolverine claws

Cable admits that while the techno-organic virus remains a threat, he hasn’t used the X-Men resurrection protocols to remove it because it still has its uses. Cable’s TO virus was evolved by Apocalypse’s Celestial technology, meaning his specific strain is unique to him, and he has a lifetime’s worth of experiencing shaping and using it to his advantage. While X-Men Red #8 doesn’t yet show Cable getting a chance to actually use his techno-organic Wolverine claws, it seems that following Brand’s betrayal, he intends to get up close and personal.

Cable is also not the only member of his family to recreate Wolverine’s iconic three-clawed look, with his mother Jean Grey recently creating a telekinetic version of Wolverine’s claws in an attempt to take down the Celestial Progenitor during Judgment Day. While Cable is not formally part of the “Snikt Family,” comprised of Logan, Laura, Daken, and Gabby, the Logan and Summers dynasties are closely connected, and Nathan’s ‘take no prisoners’ approach is more similar to Wolverine than his father Cyclops.

The techno-organic virus is a classic part of X-Men stories, and since the techno-organic future Phalanx Wolverine that debuted in X-Lives/X-Deaths of Wolverine may still factor into Krakoa’s future, it seems likely that Cyclops’ son’s powerfully dangerous futuristic arm will continue to evolve, and perhaps even be essential to Cable finally taking down the duplicitous Abigail Brand.

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X-Men Red #8 from Marvel Comics is available in stores now.

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